Team Dignitas Fall Split Week 1 Preview



Thu 7th Sep 2017 - 8:44pm

The SPL returns as the Fall Split kicks off! Team Dignitas comes into the split as the champions of the summer split, looking to keep their title.

Team Dignitas vs Team Rival, Friday September 9th, 11:30 pm

Team Dignitas' first matchup of the fall split is a repeat of the final match of the summer split. Team Rival came second in the summer split, forcing Team Dignitas into a 5 game set. One of best sets of competitive Smite ever recorded, if this set is anything like it it will be worth the watch.

One of standout matchups during the summer finals was in the solo lane, where Team Dignitas' Variety goes up against Team Rival's Deathwalker. This matchup was very close previously, as Variety's lane dominance was matched by Deathwalkers ability to surprise him at every step. Now that each player has had over a month to practice based on the lessons learned from the summer finals, this matchup should be even closer. Deathwalker probably won't bring out his infamous Ares again, but a Bellona or Osiris should be expected as these gods will have the biggest chance of challenging Variety's lane control. Meanwhile, trying to predict what Variety will bring out is almost impossible. His massive godpool combined with the meta shift going into the fall split means that he could play literally anything. This means that fringe picks like assassins are a definite possibility. Whatever the case, this is going to be a matchup to watch.

In the jungle, the matchup is less close. Iceicebaby from Team Rival is a good jungler in his own right but QvoFred is on a whole other level. Crowned the MVP of the summer split, Qvofred is considered by many to be the greatest jungler, if not player, in the entire pro league. Favouring junglers with good teamfight prowess and crowd control, Qvofred is the master of transitioning jungle pressure into fight-winning situations for his team. Iceicebaby will have a hard time dealing with this and matching the tempo that Qvofred sets whenever he plays. Expect to see Ravana and other cc heavy junglers from both players.

The midlane sees another more one-sided matchup, as Zyrhoes goes up against Wlfy from Team Rival. While Wlfy's skill is undeniable, the level at which Zyrhoes plays is almost impossible to keep up with. His positioning and ability to dictate the pace of the game makes him an almost impossible opponent to come up against. While Wlfy has had some success before, it required his entire team to focus on stopping Zyrhoes from doing what he does. The mid lane godpool is vast right now, so any number gods could make an appearance. Expect to see Thoth, Vulcan and other high impact midlaners.

Finally, the duo lane is always the most action-packed lane in this matchup. Both duos are known to be aggressive, especially in the earlier phases in the lane. On Rival's side, Vote and KalaS have been together for a long time. Their synergy in an aggressive lane is seriously impressive, and it continues throughout the entire game. However, Team Dignitas' Trixtank and Arkkyl have proven themselves to be on a different level. While also being aggressive, they have the capability to adapt to changing circumstances far easier than Team Rival. Furthermore, Arkkyl is considered to be a top adc right now, leading the meta and developing new strategies which are then adopted by other adc's in the league. If Trixtank and Arkkyl can't hold on against Rival's aggression, they could lose the lane, but otherwise their combined skill and ability to adapt should lead to them taking the lane. Expect to see Rama, Hou Yi, Fafnir and possibly Ares all in this lane, as these are all gods that can fight for pressure early on.

This rematch is expected to go as the original did. While Rival can put up a good fight, they can't match Team Dignitas' ability to control games and their outcomes. Whatever the case, this is one to watch.