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Thu 27th Jul 2017 - 9:15am

The Smite Summer split concluded with an explosive final LAN at Dreamhack Valencia. Team Dignitas emerged as the overall victors and the standout player was Anders 'QvoFred' Korsbo, who also ended up winning MVP for the event. We caught up with QvoFred to ask him some questons about his Dreamhack experience!

You guys won the Summer LAN and a lot of people are saying it is largely due to your play. How do you feel about that?

QvoFred: I feel extremely happy that I showed up to play and made both my team mates and fans proud of my performance.

How does it feel being tournament MVP? Do you feel you were the best player at the event?

QvoFred: There were a lot of talented players at Dreamhack who played lights out, too, but I felt both then and now that I was the best no matter what circumstances, and I believe that is a crucial factor to performing on LAN. You just can’t be scared of the enemies and hesitant in making the play.

Rivals strength surprised a lot of people, what are your thoughts on them as a team?

QvoFred: RivaL has been performing for quite a while now, and it makes me happy to see the path they have gone through to become a part of the top contenders for the best team in the world. They deserve every good thing coming their way.

After you stomped Rival for two games, they came back and won two games of their own. A lot of people were scared that Rival might pull off a reverse sweep. What was going through your head just before game 5 and as it began?

QvoFred: Going into the 3rd and 4th game, I was personally really confident that we were going to win one of them. When we were 2-2 I was starting to feel the pressure, but I never lost focus of the game and what we had to do in order to win the 5th and deciding game. Also a final being 3-2 instead of 3-0 is just so much more exciting and fun to play.

How much of your/the team’s success is due to Biggy’s influence?

QvoFred: Biggy has helped out a lot! In the start there were a lot of issues within the team, but Biggy quickly got us on the right track and helped out gameplay-wise, but also in tracking the other SPL teams’ matches and our scrims to prepare us for whenever we play them.

In game 3 against NRG you got an incredible 5-man stun off your Mantle of Discord proc. While this is the best-case scenario, do you think this item is consistent and worth picking up? In which situations should it be considered?

QvoFred: Mantle of Discord is quite valueable and the stats are quite good, however, the passive is what truly can change the outcome of a fight. By cleansing the CC and stunning the surrounding enemies, you set yourself or a team mate up for an escape path or a turn-around. I don’t consistently pick it up either, it really depends on the circumstances. For example Mantle is a lot more fitting on Ravana than a flanking god like Susano or Serqet, because with Ravana you want to be that annoyance in the middle of the team fight slowing and killing the carries.

Deathwalker pulling out the Ares solo was one of the highlights of the tournament, so much so that it has been dubbed “Areswalker”. What are your thoughts on the pick and how successful it was against you? Was this only due to the surprise factor or is Ares a sleeper solo pick?

QvoFred: Before the LAN we had been scrimming RivaL a fair bit, and we knew how they wanted to work around it, Athena starting solo etc. Areswalker played amazing, but I think we would have been more prepared going into the Ares solo a 2nd time if they had decided to pick it again.

People have been saying that NA is extremely far behind Eu meta-wise. What are your thoughts on this?

QvoFred: It feels like NA has struggled adapting to the meta that EU has been playing for quite a while, however, I would love to see NA teams catching up for the next events and possibly see an NA vs. EU worlds final. I want that hype for North America versus Europe back.

Your team definitely turned heads with its dominance at this event. What are your plans for future events like HRX? Should we expect an even better Team Dignitas?

QvoFred: I want to keep going hard, and I’m sure by winning Dreamhack all of us got even more motivated to grind for HRX.

Any shoutouts to the fans/sponsors?

QvoFred: Shotouts to all the fans who has been supporting me and the team. Before Team Dignitas I hadn’t won something in quite a while, so thank you to my team mates and Team Dignitas for believing in us. Also kudos to RivaL for playing lights out and giving us one hell of a match.


You can find Qvofred on Twitter and on Twitch!

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