Team Dignitas SPL Spring Split Recap



Tue 11th Apr 2017 - 11:34am

Team Dignitas picked up a hot new roster just before the first split of Season 4 of the SPL and they have had a very successful and interesting split. Let's go over some of their achievements and highlights for each week.

Week 1

Team Dignitas vs Team Rival, 2:0

Week 1 saw Team Dignitas already thrust into a challenge, going against Team Rival in the first game of the split. The stand-out players in this set are definitely Variety and Zyrhoes. Variety played Tyr for both games and was able to exert an absolutely ridiculous amount of control across the entire map. His control and rotations really allowed Zyrhoes to go out of control, especially in game 1, where he went 6/0/5 as Thoth and did a colossal 35000 damage. Team Dignitas absolutely controlled this set and it was an incredible start to their split.

Week 2

Team Dignitas vs Lion Guard eSports, 2:0

Team Dignitas' second week saw them go up against Lion Guard eSports, who were mostly comprised of the previous Team Dignitas roster. Proving their worth, Team Dignitas took this set with another 2:0, with the star of the set being QvoFred. Doing the most damage on his team for both games, he played Hun Batz and Ratatoskr, two gods who are exceptionally good at controlling fights. By Week 2, we started to see the emergence of Team Dignitas' playstyle for the rest of the split. Team Dignitas liked to control as many aspects of the game as they could and valued safety over taking risks. They also put high emphasis on strong rotations, which served them especially well during their matchup against Lion Guard.

Week 3

Team Dignitas vs Elevate, 1:1

Team Dignitas' first loss for the split came at the hands of Elevate in the first game of this set. It was here that Team Dignitas showed their first sign of potential weakness: their drafting phase. They drafted very little pressure in the Duo, Jungle and Midlane against Elevate, who had high pressure in all three roles. This lead to Team Dignitas being unable to control fights or control their map presence, which meant winning was going to be an uphill battle. However, the second game of the set came out far better for Team Dignitas. Replacing Nemesis with Hun Batz and Thoth with Nu Wa, their map pressure greatly increased and they were able to control the outcomes of more fights in the early and midgame. They proved their ability to adapt in the middle of a set quite effectively, with the standout player being Zyrhoes on Nu Wa, doing the most damage in the game, having the highest number of kills and using Nu Wa's ability to take towers easily to make a large impact during the mid and later stages of the game

Team Dignitas vs Sanguine Esports, 2:0

Team Dignitas returned to form with their second set of the week, going 2:0 against Sanguine Esports. They also seem to have learned from their previous mistakes, as their drafts for both games were extremely strong. In both games, their core 3 of Support, Mid and Jungle were gods who were adept at map and fight control. They also drafted a good amount of sustain for both games, which allowed them to fight for a lot longer than Sanguine Esports. Trixtank really showed off his ability to play a different kind of support, shying away from his usual aggressiveness and focusing more on peeling for his carries and ensuring they survive crucial fights. 

Week 5

Team Dignitas vs NRG eSports, 1:1

Team Dignitas kicked off Week 5 by going up against the defending world champions, NRG eSports, who were in a bit of a rut at the time. The first game saw Team Dignitas draft an interesting team, with 3 Guardians and 2 ADCs. While it's an idea that could work in theory and has worked before, Team Dignitas fell behind early and could not deal with Adapting's Susanoo, which snowballed out of control and essentially won NRG the first game. For the second game, Team Dignitas returned to form with a far more common team composition and simply outcontrolled NRG to win the game. This time, it was Team Dignitas' Jungler that went out of control, with QvoFred going 6/0/7 as Serqet and exerting an absolutely ridiculous amount of pressure across the map. Team Dignitas did not return to their experimental game 1 composition for the rest of the split and it remains to be seen if they will run it at LAN.

Team Dignitas vs Obey Alliance, 0:2

One of the most eagerly awaited matchups of the entire split, Team Dignitas' match against Obey Alliance went disappointingly. These teams have very similar playstyles, both liking to have map control at all times and preferring to have compositions that are well rounded, rather than focused on one phase of the game. However, Obey Alliance proved they had practiced this playstyle more than Team Dignitas, and took both games away from them. As disappointing as this is, it should be noted that Obey have been together for quite some time, while Team Dignitas' roster was still fairly new. Team Dignitas' synergy wasn't as well developed as Obey's, so Obey obviously had an advantage going into the matchup. The true test between these two teams will be at LAN, when Team Dignitas' team cohesion has been improved and they have had a lot more time to practice and hone their craft.

Week 6

Team Dignitas vs Eanix, 2:0


After a disappointing Week 5, Team Dignitas returned to form for Week 6. They faced off very confidently against Eanix and beat them ease. In both games, Team Dignitas impressed with how quickly they managed to close out the game, showing that their losses in the previous week had not fazed them and they were still on top form. Zyrhoes and QvoFred were the stars of this set, pulling of some amazing plays with some rarely seen gods, like Aphrodite in the first game. As a last game before the end of the split, it was impressive to see Team Dignitas solidify their position as a top team and as a big contender for the upcoming LAN


Team Dignitas picked up a completely new roster for this split and it seems to have been a good investment. The new team immediately established itself as a dominant force in the EU scene with their own unique playstyle. With LAN coming up, it remains to be seen if they will be able to keep up with the high bar they've set for themselves and come out as victors.

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