Team Dignitas SPL Week 5 Preview



Thu 16th Mar 2017 - 9:34am

Team Dignitas returns to the SPL after a bye week and prepares to face two massive teams, NRG and Obey Alliance. Let's see how the games should unfold and what Team Dignitas will need to secure victories this weekend.

Team Dignitas vs NRG eSports, Thursday, March 16th, 10:30 PM CET

Team Dignitas' first matchup this week is against NRG eSports. NRG have been disappointing so far this split while Team Dignitas have been steadily improving since making it through relegations. Even so, this should still be a difficult and competitive game.

Our first point of analysis is the solo lane, where we see NRG's Dimi go against Team Dignitas' Variety. Two very similar players at their best, both are known to play Tyr, Guan Yu and other lane dominating and high impact gods. This means that this matchup should come down to player skill. While Variety has been consistently playing at top form for this entire split, Dimi has been off, often rotating too slowly or just getting controlled in the teamfights he does rotate to. If Dimi manages to get himself out of rut that he's been in for the past few games, it should be quite a competitive lane matchup, but otherwise Variety will be able to absolutely control it and therefore have a massive impact across the map.

The midlane matchup is a similar situation. Team Dignitas' Zyrhoes has been on fire recently, showing a prowess for rotation and objective control, two things that NRG's Yammyn has been struggling with this split. Yammyn has been playing gods like Poseidon, which have a lot of early and midgame carry potential but this potential is often not realised due to late rotations or just missed abilities. This should be easy for a veteran midlaner like Zyrhoes to exploit. Watch out for Thoth and Poseidon to show up, two of the strongest mid gods in this meta that both have massive potential at all phases of the game.

The jungle sees one of the more consistent players on NRG right now, Adapting, go against Team Dignitas' QvoFred. Back when Adapting was considered to be the best jungler in the world by far, it was common knowledge that the only player that could match him was QvoFred. Since then, Adapting has continued to be great but QvoFred has gotten even better, due to a change in his playstyle. Over the past split, QvoFred has become more and more of an initiator, playing control heavy gods that are also extremely mobile and good at starting fights. These gods also excel at managing other more kill focused assassins, which are gods that Adapting often plays. While Adapting has been doing his best to try and carry his team, his godpool could lead him to being controlled by QvoFred and his potential impact could be severely mitigated. Watch out for gods like Thor, Hun Batz, Mercury and Susanoo.

Finally, the duo lane. For NRG, Emilitoo has also been a consistent player this split, continuing his hot streak from being MVP at the SWC. However, iRaffer has been what many consider the root of NRG's issues this split. Always being out of position and dying a ridiculous amount of times, his previous tactic of baiting himself and starting favourable fights for his team seems to have been picked up by other teams and they have been punishing him for it. On the other hand, Arkkyl and Trixtank have been working together beautifully recently, with their only loss being down to being out-drafted by Elevate. Gods like Khepri and Sylvanus should be hotly contested by both sides as they allow for the support to easily help multiple teammates at once. As for the ADCs, Rama and Anhur are usual safe choices for Arkkyl and Chronos and other mages are favored by Emilitoo.

While NRG has been in a slump recently, it should be noted that they became world champions only 3 months ago. If they managed to fix their issues over this past bye week, they could be a tough opponent for Team Dignitas. At the same time, Team Dignitas have been looking unstoppable in game, so it should be an interesting set to watch regardless.

Team Dignitas vs Obey Alliance, Saturday, March 18th, 7:45 PM CET

Team Dignitas' second matchup this week will be by far their hardest so far this split, against the Obey Alliance.

Team Dignitas and Obey are quite alike in a few respects. Firstly, their junglers have quite a similar playstyle. Team Dignitas' QvoFred has been playing the more controlling, team orientated jungling style for quite a while but Obeys CaptainTwig has only adopted the playstyle recently. While both are veteran players, Twig's style has shifted from more assassin type gods to facilitators, which is very similar to QvoFred’s playstyle. They also both excel at playing from ahead, so the first few levels of this matchup should be quite entertaining. Gods to watch out for are Fenrir, Cabrakan and Susanoo from QvoFred and Nike and Hun Batz from CaptainTwig.

The similarity in play-styles continues to the solo lane. Team Dignitas' Variety faces off against an old veteran in Maniakk. Both solo laners are incredibly aggressive and love dominating their lanes and any teamfights they participate in. This lane should be quite exciting to watch and its victor will come down to the draft and the mechanical skill of both players. We could see invades and a lot of action in general in the early game as both players try to get an easy lead. Expect to see gods like Hercules, Tyr and Sobek in this lane for both players.

We see our first drastic difference in playstyle when we look at the midlane. Team Dignitas' Zyrhoes is known for playing more utility based midlaners and providing a wide range of benefits to his team. On the other hand, Obey's PrettyPrime is almost exclusively focused on damage. This means that the midlane matchup should be quite volatile. If PrettyPrime manages to get an early lead and force Zyrhoes into a more defensive playstyle, he could easily run the game. However, if Zyrhoes gets ahead, mitigating PrettyPrime's damage will mean mitigating his impact entirely. Both of these players are known to be quite independant so watching them outplay each other should be quite interesting and fun to watch. Gods to watch out for are Poseidon, Vulcan and Ra.

The duo lane will be won by the team that can exert their pressure most effectively. Dignitas' Trixtank and Arkkyl are more aggressive, so victory for them will come if they manage to force their opponents out with poke and rotate to beneficial fights. Their opponents EmilZy and Ataraxia are more objective focused, so to win Team Dignitas will need to be able to keep control of the Gold Fury pit and their camps to make sure Obey doesn't get a free lead early on. Watching these two duo lanes try to outsmart each other should be very entertaining, especially in the early game. Expect to see Amaterasu, Sylvanus and Fafnir out of the Supports and Ullr, Rama and Anhur from the ADCs.

This set will be Team Dignitas' toughest yet and will be a true test of their skill as players and cohesion as a team.

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