Team Dignitas SPL Week 1 Preview: DIG vs CycloneGG



Fri 17th Feb 2017 - 9:22am

Fresh out of relegations, the new Team Dignitas Smite team goes into the first week of the SPL ready to prove their worth. A team made of all-stars, everyone is eagerly awaiting to see them play and see if they live up to their hype.

Team Dignitas vs CycloneGG 19:00 CET Saturday 18th February

Team Dignitas has only one game this week, facing off against CycloneGG. Both teams are new, with Cyclone only being formed during the last split in 2016 and Dig's new team being picked up after relegations this year. 

While it may seem like a pushover to some due to Dig's all-star lineup, it may not be as easy as it seems. CycloneGG is known to pull out interesting strategies and they do have some great players. 

One of CycloneGG's standout players is iceicebaby in the jungle and he will be going against QvoFred from Team Dignitas. Both junglers are known to be able to carry, with iceice being seen as a rising star and some saying that QvoFred is one of the best junglers in the world. However, their god pools are quite different. Iceicebaby is known for playing single target assassins like Awilix and diving the backline to try and pick off enemy carries at the start of fights. On the other hand, QvoFred is more known for playing more teamfight orientated junglers, like Fenrir and Cabrakan. With the meta being as snowbally as it is, both junglers will most likely play gods that can dive backlines and get early leads in different ways, so QvoFred should have an advantage due to his years of experience.

The duo lane matchup sees Trixtank and Arkkyl for Team Dignitas going up against Vote and KaLaS for CycloneGG. Arkkyl is the only unproven member of Team Dignitas, with some experience on SPL teams but never on a high-level one. Trixtank has a massive amount of experience, but him and Arkkyl are new to working together, whereas KaLas and Vote have already had a split to build up their synergy. This lane will be won by the duo lane who can exert the most pressure and secure the most jungle gold, something which Trixtank has been very good at historically. Gods to watch out for both sides are Hou Yi and Khepri. Both duo lanes have been known to play them and they are gods that excel in the current meta.

Both midlanes have a history in the SPL, but Team Dignitas' Zyrhoes has had a more storied one, having played for a long time with Fnatic and then moving on to coach NRG, the current world champions. Wlfy has been involved for a while but only as a sub for the most part. Zyrhoes' experience should be enough for him to have pressure in the midlane, especially with his proficiency with gods like Aphrodite and Poseidon. Wlfy hasn't been in the limelight a lot and is mostly known for playing meta mids like Janus. It remains to be seen if he will be able to hold his own against Zyrhoes.

Finally, the solo lane. One of Team Dignitas' biggest pickups for their new roster, Variety, came second at Worlds this year and was considered by many to be the MVP. His performance at the relegations showed that he hasn't been slacking since then. He will be going against Deathwalker, who has shown himself to be a confident solo laner throughout the last split but he does not match the level of Variety's zone control and lane dominance. While Deathwalker mostly plays meta solo laners, Variety has been known to play assassins like Camazotz or mages like Ra. This disparity in their playstyles will probably be the centerpiece in their matchup, as Variety is likely to pull out interesting picks as the current meta values lane pushing greatly.

Overall, this game will be a team of amazing players still working on their synergy going up against a team of good players who have already established their synergy and team environment and will be won by the team that can exert map pressure the most effectively.

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