MLG SC2: Winter Arena Pay-Per-View Team Dignitas Referral Code!



Mon 13th Feb 2012 - 11:47pm

Today Major League Gaming has announced the Winter Arena as a Pay-Per-View event, this live event will be held in New York City between the 24th and 26th of February. Every single match of Starcraft 2 will be streamed with commentary, where 32 players are competing for $26,000 as well as a championship seeding.

For $20 (approximately £12.68 or €15.20) you will gain access to the best Starcraft 2 action in the world. Roughly the same price as large pizza, rental movie and a few drinks. While paying for this PPV event you'll also be supporting the future events that MLG host, teams, players and communities involved. If you're still not convinced, MLG are putting the Dr Pepper Lounge stream for free which won't need an Arena pass for all weekend long.

Also to match this, the first hour of all 5 streams on Friday and Saturday will be free! Go check out a free preview of the premium streaming page and we promise you'll be glued to your screen for the entire weekend.

Sjow and Merz both qualified to this event and will be attending the Winter Arena, so registering for the Pay-Per-View event will be supporting them and Team Dignitas.

Sign up for MLG StarCraft2: Winter Arena Pay-Per-View Event and support Team Dignitas Here.