BillyBoss Signs As Starting LCS Top Laner, SmittyJ Moved To Sub



Mon 25th Jan 2016 - 6:30pm

Last week we announced that Billy "BillyBoss" Yu would be playing Top Lane during our LCS NA matches and promised more information today. Now, we would like to announce that BillyBoss is signing as our starting Top Laner in our main LCS NA lineup. Lennart 'Smittyj' Warkus will be stepping down to a substitute position and is moving back to Europe due to disciplinary issues.

BillyBoss is new to the LCS stage and hasn't had much practice with the lineup yet but we're confident that with the right coaching from our support staff that he'll be a solid replacement for SmittyJ. We thank the fans for supporting us and we're looking forward to competing with BillyBoss again this weekend.