Interview with our LoL team Strategist Jesiz



Fri 15th Jan 2016 - 9:43am

To prepare our League of Legends players for the upcoming LCS split, our staff works with them really hard. Jesse "Jesiz" Le is our new team strategist and has moved in with our players few days ago. If you all wondered how has he decided that he wants to analyze the strategy rather than play professionally, we are representing you his thoughts on that situation, and some more.

Image courtesy of Riot Games

For you, what makes League of Legends more interesting than the other games?

Jesiz: I enjoy League of Legends more than other games right now because of its competitive aspect. That is how it has always been for me. Any competitive game at its time has always hit my interest. A good example would be games such as Warcraft 3, World of Warcraft, Counter Strike, etc.

Keeping in mind how young you are, how have you decided that you want to build your life around League of Legends and is it what you plan to do in your future, too?

Jesiz: I decided from the beginning of my competitive player career that it wasn't what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I didn't enjoy playing professionally, or rather turn a hobby into a job. However, I really enjoy coaching right now and I hope I will continue to enjoy it and work in the industry for the rest of my life.

You recently stated on your that you left G2 because you don't want to play professionally any longer. What are the reasons for that?

Jesiz: I stopped playing professionally because I simply didn't enjoy the game. For the 2-3 years I've been playing professionally, I've had no motivation. It was purely just been out of discipline. What I don't enjoy about playing professionally is the fact that the game becomes a job. You have to put in 12-14 hours every day, even on days you absolutely hate it. That, plus the stress, just made it an easy decision for me.

You are now a Strategist for Team Dignitas. Could you explain to your fans in more details what is it that you do now and how your work days look like?

Jesiz: I work with Raz in terms of macro-play and drafting during scrims and individually with the players. My days are usually exactly like the players. Scrims, going to the gym and watching vods.

You also attended IEM Cologne as a Support for Team Dignitas. How do you feel about supporting?

Jesiz: I honestly felt the same way about supporting, as I did playing mid or AD. I'm fine with it until I have to play it professionally. Having to play certain champions over and over again, just to practice them, just ruins the fun for me. The only reason why I could keep up somewhat, in terms of skill level at IEM Cologne, was due to the fact that I'm very disciplined and practiced hard.

How was the energy on the team? Did you generally like playing at IEM?

Jesiz: The energy was good. Everyone on the team had the drive to win, which is a big reason to why I decided to work with them in the first place.

How do you handle switching teams and moving to other countries?

Jesiz: I want to say that switching teams is easy, but it really depends on whether you were happy with your former team or not. For me, to leave Gamers2 because I wanted to, made it easy to go to Team Dignitas. Plus, I have worked with smittyJ and Innerflame before.

What are your best and worst memories that you have experienced by now in eSports?

Jesiz: My worst memory is definitely my 2014 Worlds performance. Especially because of the community's reaction. I want to say I don't care about the community's opinion, but in the end it affects anyone. It just makes me sad to think back on because I was without a doubt a top 3 mid, going from playoffs to Worlds, and was after Worlds seen as the worst mid Europe had ever had. My best memory, however, was the boot camp in Korea with SK Gaming. I got to a completely different level in terms of skill and I became much closer, personally, to Svenskeren and Fredy at the time.

What do you think could be done to make both the game and the eSports community even better than it is now?

Jesiz: I like the way the game is and I think Riot does a good job. I might throw out some salty comments on Twitter about certain patches, but I'm overall pretty happy about the state of the game.

Any shoutouts and thanks to your fans and friends?

Jesiz: First of all, thanks to Team Dignitas and its sponsors. Thanks to the fans of mine, I appreciate you. And big thanks to my family and friends who are always there for me!