I Will Dominate: "It is important for us to make it out of the group stage"



Wed 18th Jan 2012 - 10:19pm

i will dominateThis weekend our League of Legends team is attending the Intel Extreme Masters Kiev Global Challenge and with a new player in the lineup it will definitely make an exciting event. This will be the first LAN appearance for Christian 'I Will Dominate' Rivera while representing Team Dignitas so we'll get to see how his presence affects the team's game.

We had a little chat with Christian and asked him about his expectations aswell as his experience with the team during the last month. Enjoy reading.


You've been in the squad for about a month now, how was your experience in the team so far?

I Will Dominate: The team is awesome. Everyone has great individual skills and everything has been going smoothly.

Do you think that you joining the squad affected the gameplay of our squad? What role are you currently taking in the team, both ingame and on the voice comms?

I Will Dominate: I feel the gameplay of dignitas changed because of differences in our champion selection. Jatt played more farm intensive junglers whereas I go for more kill-oriented junglers. I try to make calls early to mid game relating to where I believe we can achieve kills.

What are your expectations for IEM Kiev? What is your minimum placement to go home happy?

I Will Dominate: I would like to hopefully place top 4 in IEM Kiev. It is important for us to make it out of the group stage.

What are your overall top3 predictions?

I Will Dominate: My top 3 predictions for IEM Kiev are TSM, SK, and Team Dignitas.

Any shoutouts?

I Will Dominate: Shoutout to all of our sponsors who make it possible for us to attend this event. Also a shoutout to my former teammates, patoy, mashme, nubbypoohbear, and ricepanda. They all have remained good friends of mine. Also Shoutout to all dignitas fans!