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I Will Dominate transfers to Team Dignitas

Sun 1st Jan 2012 - 8:00pm Category: League of Legends

lolA few weeks ago we announced the departure of Jatt from our League of Legends lineup, as he decided to step down from the roster to focus on his real life commitments. The team has been on the search for a suitable replacement and managed to find a player capable of filling the gap that Jatt left in the lineup.

We are delighted to announce the transfer of Christian 'I Will Dominate' Rivera from our friends Complexity Gaming as he will be joining our ranks. He has already been seen in action while mercing for us in the CLG Last Call tournament two days ago where our team managed to win the tournament.

We are confident that he is a great addition to the team and we would like to give him a warm welcome into our esports family.


"While we are sad to see Christian go, we are pleased that he has been placed with a fine organization like Team Dignitas. We wish him the best in his future endeavors." Jason Bass, COO compLexity Gaming. 


We are pleased to welcome Dominate to our line-up and it is especially welcome with IEM Kiev coming up in January. We would like to thank our good friends Complexity for making this transfer possible quickly. Obviously with Jatt moving on we had to move quickly to make sure our team was in good shape for the coming LoL season. League of Legends is very important for us and seeing the team in action last night in the CLG tournament shows that they are a contender.Michael O’Dell Team Manager for Team Dignitas.


Christian added: "I am extremely excited about my opportunity to join dignitas as their new jungler. L0cust, imaqtpie, Scarra and Voyboy are all exceptional players and it is truly an honor to play alongside them and represent Team Dignitas. I am committed to working hard to ensure that Team Dignitas remains a top competitive league of legends team and hopefully we can win many tournaments in the future."

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  • BlueHat

    Sun 1st Jan 2012 - 8:03pm

    Welcome to the team! Best of luck, we'll be watching ;)

  • merz

    Tim Olsson
    Sun 1st Jan 2012 - 8:05pm

    Welcome yo!

  • furion

    Christopher Sybingco
    Sun 1st Jan 2012 - 8:07pm

    glhf! =)

  • ToH1o

    Anton Georgiev
    Sun 1st Jan 2012 - 8:08pm

    Welcome to the team m8!~

  • BlinG

    Samayan Kay
    Sun 1st Jan 2012 - 8:09pm

    Awesome, hope you enjoy it here! ;D

  • Mandioka

    Patrick Sousa
    Sun 1st Jan 2012 - 8:11pm

    nice, welcome! :D

  • D4Rk1

    Robnel Lovera
    Sun 1st Jan 2012 - 8:18pm

    Welcome! :D

  • Bergie

    Fredrik Bergmann
    Sun 1st Jan 2012 - 9:29pm

    Welcome, hope you enjoy it here!

  • DreAm

    ShiJie Zhu
    Sun 1st Jan 2012 - 10:32pm

    welcome yo~~~~~~~~

  • Tesla

    Lori Slaughter
    Sun 1st Jan 2012 - 10:53pm

    Welcome and good luck! :)

  • Russki

    Adam Crick
    Sun 1st Jan 2012 - 11:22pm

    Welcome dude! :) Keep pushing good results like last night gogo ;D!

  • MaDDe

    Mathieu Beuve
    Mon 2nd Jan 2012 - 1:25am

    welcome and good luck @ IEM !

  • I_Will_Dominate

    Christian Rivera
    Mon 2nd Jan 2012 - 2:06am

    Thanks for the awesome welcome! I already feel at home with Dignitas :D

  • kiddoQ

    Cristian Manea
    Mon 2nd Jan 2012 - 3:10am

    welcome mate !!!!

  • Moriah

    Pedro Benjamim
    Mon 2nd Jan 2012 - 3:19pm

    welcome :)

  • WPCajunazn

    Jordan Leung
    Mon 2nd Jan 2012 - 4:01pm

    This is going to be an exciting Season 2! Looking forward to you joining the Dignitas ranks IWillDominate!

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