Team Dignitas Welcomes Rico As LCS NA Head Coach!



Thu 5th Mar 2015 - 10:00pm

The end of Season 4 in League of Legends was not an easy one for Team Dignitas; for the first time in LCS all players were released from contracts at the same day while prior negotiations were not allowed without permission, which caused a great amount of roster changes during late 2014. Team Dignitas lost it's Season 4 top laner, AD Carry, analyst and Coach due to these roster shuffles. However, with Mylixia as the new NA Regional Manager we managed to secure two Korean players to fill in the shoes of our previous top and AD Carry players.

With both Youngjin 'Gamsu' Noh and Yong-in 'CoreJJ' Jo settling in in the LA gaming house everything seemed to be fine. We managed to bring in help from analysts to help prepare us for the upcoming fifth season of LCS NA. The players and analysts worked together to improve teamplay and strategies. With Crumbz taking on the role of Team Captain, neither the players nor the management saw the urgent need for an in-game coach. The team and management couldn't find a coach who both parties were comfortable working with. Therefore, the decision was made to put Mylixia in LCS coach position since he manages and coaches the team outside of the game.

Our team was extremely determined to start off the season with a bang which is why the Team Dignitas management arranged for the players to bootcamp in Korea in early January for three weeks. We did not announce this bootcamp in an attempt to get an advantage over our rivals and protect our strategies, although it wasn't long before the team got recognized even in Korea and word got out. Returning to Los Angeles, our team was very confident to do well in the fifth season of LCS NA.

However, after a rocky start in Season 5 we increased our efforts to find an in-game coach to help the team improve both individual and teamplay aspects during LCS games. When Crumbz informed us about his decision to step down from the roster, we decided to call out to the community by announcing that we are looking for a head coach as there was no more time to waste. During the last few weeks Mylixia reviewed over 200 applications and performed over 40 personal interviews with potential coaches. Today, after several weeks of searching, we're very happy to finally announce our Head Coach!

Joining Team Dignitas as the Season 5 LCS NA Head Coach is Sami 'Rico' Harbi, LoL coach and also former team manager of the Fnatic LCS EU lineup. Rico went to the World Championship S3 with Fnatic and he studied opponents from other regions to help the team prepare and make sure they wouldn't get caught off-guard. After several talks we believe that Rico is able to help our team gel together and improve individual player performance as well as our team strategy. He is flying in this weekend and will be living with our players in our LA Gaming House.

We're confident that having a coach on-scene on a daily basis will surely improve team communication and in-game aspects. We want to thank our fans who supported us through a rough start for all their patience! Both the Team Dignitas management and players are doing their best to secure a spot in the playoffs and the next LCS split, you can rest assured of that!


Sami 'Rico' Harbi, Team Dignitas LCS Head Coach:

"I am thrilled to join Team Dignitas and their already active League of Legends support staff as Coach. We will do our best with the players, remote coach and analysts to live up to the fans expectations and finish this split with enough certainties to bring Dignitas to the ranking it deserves in the future. League of Legends is getting more and more competitive split after split and we will work hard to keep up while setting our own style."