Interview with dignitas Crazycaps: "I believe we will get back to the top 3 spot at the end"



Tue 24th Feb 2015 - 11:42pm

With the new signing of our European Challenger Series team for League of Legends, one of the players brought with the team was former Lemondogs Player Andy “CrazyCaps” Walda. Here he answers questions about his history, the new team, and his future.


Hi CrazyCaps, can you tell us how you got your username?

Crazycaps: A friend of mine came up with it and I used it every since, we were playing counterstrike 1.6, for some reason I always had capslock on after the game. Before it was FiveDollars, so i guess its better now.


How did you discover League of Legends, and what made you want to play the game professionally?

Crazycaps: I discovered league through a friend of mine he thought it was really cool draining a tank creep with fiddlestick and then kill it with the drain. The reason why I wanted to play professionally is because I always was in a competitive state with every game I played; I wanted to be good if not the best. So when I noticed I was actually good in season 2 I started playing ranked at the end of the season and ended at 2100 elo in 3 weeks playing in preseason 3.



You’re mostly known for playing on the Lemondogs v2 during the Battle of the Atlantic, but you’ve been busy since then. You were on TNP Gaming EU, with current TSM jungler Santorin. However, the team disbanded rather quickly despite some well known names being on it. What happened?

Crazycaps: We just didn’t fit as a team anymore, some people had different opinions on the team, and for me personally I made some bad decisions in kicking people, but it went from a fun team where we were playing good, to a serious team that we underperformed with.


After your stint on Lemondogs, what was your reaction to the team being denied for LCS? It seemed the community was largely happy that you were denied, especially since there were no big names on the team other than Shlaya.

Crazycaps: We all saw it coming, but were hoping it wouldn’t come to that, and it was for me the worst esports experience that I have had so far. Though I had a blast bootcamping with my teammates and it was fun to play on such a stage. After i knew we wouldn’t get to play in LCS i came back to TFS(Reborn) but League of Legends wasn’t fun for me anymore. Season 4 or as I like to call it Season Lucian was for me a time to take a break and revive when the meta would be better.


How did you get to where you are today, on the Team Dignitas EU lineup?

Crazycaps: I was slowly coming back into the scene I was playing for a german organisation WOLVES where we played EPS and got 3th or 4th (can’t remember). After the EPS season i didn’t want to play with them anymore. Once I quit the team and people knew I was looking for a team again, after a month I got a message asking if I wanted to play a turkish tournament with the SKP lineup even though I hadn’t play for a month, so I accepted and from there on we joined Team dignitas EU.


Despite qualifying, the team has gotten off to a rocky 0-2 start against LLL, why the fumble?

Crazycaps:We were still figuring out where our team is the strongest and where we need to fix things, but through the 0-2 loss we learned a lot and figured multiple things out that we should and shouldn’t do. In the end its all a learning experience. I believe we will get back to the top 3 spot at the end if not #1.


With Brokenshard being the most senior member on the team, is he doing most of the ingame shotcalling? In addition, whats the team dynamic like with Brokenshard, whos probably 30 by now, and two 16 year olds?

Crazycaps:I don’t believe Brokenshard is 30 even though he looks like it :D The shot calling is mostly done by me/sencux or Brokenshard, it depends on the situation though and the team dynamic is good, we're all 16 year old Danish guys in our hearts ^_^


Speaking of having two 16 year olds, what is the current plan if the team do manage to make it into the LCS or the Promotion tournament?

Crazycaps: We didn’t really talk about it that much but probably get 2 subs for them and teach them the ways of Team Dignitas EU.


What is your current opinion of the Bot lane meta? We’ve seen Corki and Lucian fall off heavily in favor of Kalista, Graves,and Sivir, while Annie and Leona are also making their comebacks.

Crazycaps: I personally hate the fact annie is back, she is one of the most annoying supports in laning phase. For Kalista,Graves and Sivir I just like to see all the Graves players, until Graves gets a bit of a nerf and they don’t know what to pick anymore. The meta is in a good spot right now, even though I feel like we're missing a item for adc’s, the only adc that can have a different build path is kalista for the rest its pretty much IE,shiv/PD,LW/BT,Qss item.


What champion are you hoping makes a comeback into competitive play?

Crazycaps: I’d really like to see Ezreal coming back I know he can be played already but hes not quite there with the top picks yet.


Thank you for the interview! Any shoutouts or Plugs?

Crazycaps: Id like to thank everybody who has helped me get where i am right now. Id like to thanks Team Dignitas EU for the support and to all of our sponsor: Alienware, Twitch, Intel, Corsair Gaming, Multiplay, Creative Soundblaster, WD, SCAN, iiyama, TP-Link