CoreJJ on Coming to America and Goals for the NA LCS



Mon 22nd Dec 2014 - 6:59pm

Yong-in CoreJJ Jo stepped into the role of AD Carry for Team Dignitas this December to compete in the LCS 2015 Spring Split. With the competitive season approaching, CoreJJ took the time to tell us about his goal to be best AD Carry in North America and how he has been adapting to life with his new teammates in America.

You commented on the Inven post that Imaqtpie was leaving and asked how you could join Team Dignitas. What made you want to join Team Dignitas specifically?

CoreJJ: I am looking for teams, and I need to study later in Korea. I saw that Team Dignitas was a North America LCS team, and I realized I could learn English and bring honor to Korea and my family by winning the LCS.


What was the process like for trying out and joining Team Dignitas?

CoreJJ: At first I had a lot of jet lag, and I was very tired when I got to Los Angeles. This was the first time I ever took a plane and I was used to being in Korea. So at first I was very tired. I was very pressured because there was a lot of English and at first no translator. It was hard but I got to experience so many different things in America very quickly so it was very exciting! All the food, culture, and everything was new!


What is your favorite part of living in North America so far?

CoreJJ: Many people are interested in me in America because I am Korean. My favorite part of America is the friends I've made here and the food is very different!


What is your least favorite part of living in North America?

CoreJJ: I don't really like to be a negative person and I really like America, there's nothing really negative about it!


How do you think you compare to the other North American AD Carries right now?

CoreJJ: When I start the LCS, I think I will be the #1 ADC in North America. I have practiced very hard.


Are you and Kiwikid working well together already or do you still have some issues to work out together in lane?

CoreJJ: Working with Kiwikid is very good. I think he is a good friend and also a good player. I like him because he is very funny and kind. We work together very well in lane, where I am my strongest.


How are you and the team dealing with the language barrier?

CoreJJ: We definitely have some language barrier, but Gamsu and I are improving our English every day. There is less of a language barrier and for any really tough team discussions we get a translator.


What AD Carry champions are strong right now and which are your favorites to play?

CoreJJ: I think the strongest AD Carry right now is Graves. Lucian and Graves are very similar but Lucian has received many nerfs. Graves is still strong. I think Graves is better than Lucian now. Graves is very good in lane. My favorite AD is Sivir, very good against Graves so this is how I beat Graves easy!


Do you think you bring anything unique to North America in terms of playstyle?

CoreJJ: I think I am one of the only ADs that likes to shotcall and talk a lot. This helps my team because I am always helping with communication.


Do you have any final remarks or shout-outs?

CoreJJ: Thank you to all fans and everyone who is getting to know me! Now I can only thank you but very soon I will show you all that I can win.