Team Dignitas OCE turns around roster



Wed 7th May 2014 - 9:32am

Several weeks ago our Oceanic League of Legends team found out that support player Matthew 'Littleubergiant' Uebergang is unable to attend the Winter Regionals with the team due to real life commitments. Littleubergiant is an upcoming athlete and had to choose between esports or his AFL career due to scheduling conflicts; he chose the latter.

We wish Littleubergiant the best of luck in AFL but this does mean that our team had some giant shoes to fill. In the end it was the team's choice to switch things around and pick up number one Challenger player ManJung 'Senpai' Kim for the jungle position, which means that Nathan 'Rippii' Mott has to step down to a sub role.

The team felt that this change was necessary to keep their gameplay up to par with the top of the OCE server. We thank Rippii for representing us to the best of his abilities and we are glad he remains a part of our organization as a sub.


Filling the Support role is Bradley 'Tgun' Seymour, former Starcraft 2 professional who has been playing League of Legends for a while now. He made the best impression during the trials and the remaining players are confident that he makes the best fit for the team.

With this lineup we are hoping to best all our rivals at the Winter Regionals as well as the Wildcard tournament later this year.

Be sure to tune in to the Winter Regionals Qualifier #2 which the team is competing in this week.


Justin 'Jksmithy' Smith

"Shortly after the Autumn regional concluded our support Matthew ‘Littleubergiant’ Uebergang informed the team that he would be unable to play in the upcoming Winter regional due to a clash with an important AFL game of his. For those that don’t know, Matthew is an aspiring AFL professional and games like this are telling in his pursuit to be drafted into the AFL at the end of this year. After learning that a very important part of the Team Dignitas OCE team will not be with us on our path to worlds, the rest of the team held multiple in depth discussions regarding what we will do to better our result from Autumn.

While finding a new support was obvious, there was a general consensus that simply replacing arguably one the most important parts of the team would not garner us a better result at the upcoming regional. After multiple ideas were thrown around it was decided we would trial the at the time rank 1 on the Oceanic Challenger Ladder for jungle; ‘AKG Senpai’. Senpai’s mechanical skill and style of jungle we think would suit the competitive environment more and thus means that Rippii will be moved from the starting lineup.

At the same time as well we trialled multiple supports before deciding on ex-starcraft professional ‘Tgun’, whose enthusiasm and experience in a professional scene we believe to be a valuable resource to the team and a worthy replacement for Littleubergiant. I can say with confidence that I believe the current team will have a good chance of taking the regional and hopefully representing the region at the Wildcard event later in the year."