Flappy Bearfish joins Team Dignitas LoL as LCS AD Carry Sub



Tue 4th Mar 2014 - 10:30pm

After the recent addition of Azingy as our Jungle sub for LCS we are now happy to announce yet another sub to secure our LCS roster. Joining Team Dignitas as LCS Sub is Tony 'Flappy Bearfish' Pham, who will be taking the AD Carry role if Imaqtpie is not available.

Flappy Bearfish was the ADC for Cognitive gaming and also for the University of California Irvine's college team. He qualified for the LCS 2014 relegation tournament with Napkins in Disguise although that team disbanded before the tournament took place.

When Imaqtpie is unable to attend LCS we're confident that Flappy Bearfish will fit in well with the team and help us secure the wins.


Tony 'Flappy Bearfish' Pham

"I'm feeling quite honored to have the opportunity to be a substitute player for Team Dignitas. These past couple months I've been really indifferent about my level of play, after leaving my former challenger team NiD and focusing more on school -- but with this new opportunity I'm once again feeling the burning motivation to further improve and develop my skills.

I'm definitely going to be stepping up my game in order to prepare for the off-chance that Imaqtpie is unable to play an LCS game. Shoutout to all those who know and support me, and of course, Team Dignitas, for giving me the chance to prove myself!"