Interview with Team Dignitas after facing Cloud 9



Mon 20th Jan 2014 - 9:33am

Straight after our team got back in our LA gaming house after taking down Cloud9, we sat down on the couch with the team and decided to talk about the game. As you can imagine spirits were high and there was lots of laughter, so sit back and enjoy Qtpie's comedy!

Also, we're sorry for not releasing this as a video but something went wrong with the camera lens. We transcribed the text version while we attempt to improve the quality on the video version!

UPDATE 6pm CET: we decided to upload the (blurry) video version on popular request

So, explain what happened today. (Vlanitak)

Crumbz: We beat C9.

Kiwikid: We beat C9! 

Qtpie: Uhh, I already can't remember you guys. 

How did you beat them?

Crumbz: Slowly.

Qtpie: We played a game of League of Legends where the objective is to take the enemy Nexus, and we managed to take the Nexus. 

Crumbz: Give me a fist on that *QT and Crumbz fistbump*

Kiwikid: We killed every building they own to starve out their production, and then we killed their nexus. Oh wait, that's Warcraft 2.

Crumbz: That's pretty much every single strategy game.


Well, what was the turning point? (ODEE)

Qtpie: The turning point in that game was as soon as Imaqtpie loaded into the game.

Scarra: The real turning point was before the game, we had QT visualize every unit and every monster as a tower, and we wanted him to focus on his tower destroying abilities.


I thought ADC was a redundant role? (ODEE)

Scarra: No, it's a towerkilling role. We have to visualize killing turrets.

Crumbz: See, the team as us four just hires him to take down the turrets while reactioning to the things.

Kiwikid: That's why he has jinx. She has rockets. TNT. 

Qtpie: I remember when people looked up to the AD Carry position. "I wanna be an AD Carry" "I wanna carry the game"... now look at me. 


So whats it like to beat C9, because we've never beaten them, have we? (ODEE)

Qtpie: It's like beating any other team.

Crumbz: It's nice, the difference between them and other teams is that when you play the game that we played against them, other teams would just sit there and roll over and die, while they actually tried to get objectives out of our play.

Scarra: Yeah, it was still really close, for the first like 10 minutes, even though we were 3-0.

Kiwikid: Yeah we were 5-1 and they still had the gold lead.

Crumbz: 5 Minutes in, we got first blood, but they got a dragon. Every play we did they met with some sort of other play. Not something that other teams tend to do. It shows that they're a very good team.

Alan, you seemed to hit a lot of hooks today. How the hell did you do that? (ODEE)

Crumbz: Because I would Vi ulty them first. They were CC'd right.

Kiwikid: No they weren't, I missed the ones that were already CC'd.

Crumbz: Yeah in bot lane I ultied Lucian and you were just *imitates Thresh Hook* oh man!

Kiwikid:  Naw, I been hooking up lately. Practice makes perfect.


So next week we have just one game? (ODEE)

Scarra: Three games.

Qtpie: And they all suck.


Over one day? (ODEE)

Scarra: Two days.

Crumbz: And then we go to San Paulo! and shake those hips!

Scarra: Apparently the city is enormous. That's what Crumbz tells me.

Kiwikid: Massive. That means they have good food.

Qtpie: That's not the only thing massive.

Kiwikid: Like your dong.

Okay... let's stop. (ODEE)

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