dignitas/KiWiKiD talks about trying out for support, playing with Qtpie, and Season 4



Wed 4th Dec 2013 - 9:02pm

Alan 'KiWiKiD' Nguyen was the top laner for Team Dignitas in the LCS Spring and Summer splits. Team Dignitas was his first pro team, after competing in the collegiate League of Legends (Ivylol) program.

Recently, he has moved to the support role and is hoping to play for Team Dignitas again next split. We had a chat with him about his transition to the support role and spoke about the competitive format.


What’s the transition like from top laner to support? Do you think you switched at the perfect time, considering you were known for playing carry-tops and supports are now getting significantly more gold?

Kiwikid: The transition from top-laner to support has been great. It is extremely different, in a good way, than what I thought I signed up for. I would say the time of transition was optimal.


What was the most difficult aspect to adapt to? What's the main difference in mindset between top and support players?

Kiwikid: The most difficult aspect was that you need to be in total sync with your lane partner. I've never really played with duolanes in the past, so it's been a sort of a struggle. I can feel myself learning, though. The main difference in mindset is the positioning in relation to all three other champions in lane. You need to coordinate spells accordingly to position and that can be pretty tough.

Learning support in the pre-season, do you think different kinds of players will be moving into the support role, as they now have more opportunity to carry?

Kiwikid: Personally, I don't think many different kinds of players will be moving into the support role. Perhaps a few will, though. I heard Naajin's Ssong moved to support.


What new champions do you expect to see bot lane with the Preseason changes? What conventional supports do you think will be phased out due to the changes?

Kiwikid: I think a lot more champions are viable now. I can see Brand, Leblanc, and even Maokai rise as top supports. Sona may have phased out.


What makes these new champions more viable supports?

Kiwikid: Champions that scale well into mid- and late-game are now much more viable as supports, since early game has shortened due to the fact that gold gain in general is now way increased.


Are you planning on bringing some unusual picks to bot lane or are you focusing on mastering the traditional supports first? Do you think you can carry over any of your champions from top lane to the new support role?

Kiwikid: Both, I hope to master support in whatever works best. Traditional supports, although still great, aren't everything anymore, as the new patch has opened up a myriad of new options.


What are your thoughts on the new vision changes? How do you think its affected the roles other than support?

Kiwikid: I think the new vision changes are very interesting, and I completely welcome them. Eve seems to be quite a nuisance, though. Other lanes are going to need to ward more as players are limited to a set amount of wards now. Supports can't run around with 15 wards and oracles anymore (fortunately).


What’s it like playing with Qtpie? You seem to get along very well on stream.

Kiwikid: Playing with Qtpie is hilarious. I look forward to playing with him every day and night. I learn more than people may think when playing with him, as well.


What do you want to do after the Battle of the Atlantic? Are you looking to be the permanent Support for Team Dignitas?

Kiwikid: I want to gauge my progress at the Battle of the Atlantic before making any big decisions. Yes, I am looking to be the permanent support. I've got hellofa long way to go.


What do you think of the LCS format so far? A lot of players have said they think too much emphasis is put on the playoffs. Do you agree?

Kiwikid: I think the LCS format is fine, although Best-of-2s would be more preferable. I believe emphasis on playoffs is fine, that's just how sports work, esports doesn't need to be different.


What do you think of the current number of international tournaments? Do you think there should be more to help players gain international experience, or there should be fewer to let regions develop their own playstyles and metas?

Kiwikid: The current number of international tournaments is too low. There definitely should be more: I learned a lot playing against Gambit the first time. It's very humbling and exciting. Plus, I'm sure the fans get a huge thrill out of it.


A number of long-time pros are beginning to retire. Do you think there is enough talent in the NA challenger/diamond scene to fill in for these pros?

Kiwikid: There are some undiscovered talents in NA for sure. I don't think there is enough right now to fill in for any retirees, but I'm sure there will be when the time comes.


That also concludes our interview. Any shout-outs?

Kiwikid: Shoutout to all my fans, family, and supporters. It really means a lot! And of course, shoutout to Alienware, Intel, and Scan!