Samwise joins our UK LoL team



Sat 7th Sep 2013 - 1:44pm

With the departure of SmokeyLemon a while ago, our British League of Legends team has been on the lookout for a suitable replacement in the AD Carry/Marksman position in their attempt to qualify for the LCS Season 4 Promotion tournament. Over the last weeks, the team has been playing with Sam 'Samwise' Mitten, formerly of Animate eSports.

Having attended Multiplay i49 together and reaching third place, the players have now decided to permanently add Sam to their lineup! The roster now looks as follows:

Reece 'NitriX' Phoenix (Top)
Matt 'Impaler' Taylor (Jungle)
Nick 'CookMySock' Li (Mid)
Sam 'Samwise' Mitten (Marksman ;) )
Raymond 'Yerrow' Tsang (Support)


Samwise12 and his bot lane partner Yerrow had the following to say:

"After our performance at Gfinity, and in scrims following the event, we felt the team wasn't quite working together to the standard we know we can achieve. In order to raise our game, we felt like a change of AD Carry was needed. I've seen Samwise almost always perform consistently for a while and having played against him many times during his days in Animate, he seemed to me like the star player who I respected. After just a few trial games, we realised that he was the right fit for the team. Sam has been playing as part of the team on trial for a while now, and after seeing how he worked with the team at i49, we feel confident that we now have a very formidable bottom lane duo rounding out our team."

"I'm very excited to be joining Team Dignitas as a part of the UK League of Legends team. I'm looking forward to playing more with the team and showing how far we can go. Yerrow approached me after I had parted ways with Animate Esports and offered me the chance to trial for Team Dignitas. After only a few games I could see our potential and knew that we could go far in the EU scene. Our goal is to make it into the next split for LCS and with hard work and dedication I believe we can do it."