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Team Dignitas welcome new League of Legends team

Thu 22nd Sep 2011 - 11:26am Category: League of Legends

lolToday Team Dignitas will be expanding its ranks once again as we are re-venturing into League of Legends. The LoL game community has been growing very rapidly and we have been following the scene for every step.

After a long search for the right team that would fit in our organisation we are confident to have found that team in Rock Solid. This all-American lineup has proven to be amongst the best teams in America and they will be representing us from now on.

The team's first LAN attendance with a full lineup will be at IEM New York. Please give them a warm welcome.

Team Dignitas League of Legends fb twitter

Nickname: scarra
Real Name: William Li
Age: 21


Nickname: L0cust
Real Name: Patrick Miller
Age: 22


Nickname: Voyboy
Real Name: Joe Esfahani
Age: 16


Nickname: Jatt
Real Name: Joshua Leesman
Age: 24


Nickname: Imaqtpie
Real Name: Michael Santana
Age: 19




The team had to say the following

"We, the team formerly known as Rock Solid, are extremely excited to join Team Dignitas and represent them as their premiere League of legends team. For many months, we have practiced hard to be one of the best league of legends teams; After our recent performances, Team Rock Solid realized we had the ability to transition to the national and international levels which would allow for greater opportunities to appear, opportunities that joining Team Dignitas would open for us.

With the backing of such a prestigious and respected company, we hope to attend many tournaments within the next year and grow as Dignitas players, and we hope our fans will continue to follow us and cheer for us in the upcoming IEM masters cup in New York City as well as future tournaments that we will attend."

Your Comments

  • PurposeGaming

    Sam Harries
    Wed 21st Sep 2011 - 5:16pm


    Great stuff! Also on a side note... Jatt from Rebel Rising fame?

  • Rinoaaa

    Wed 21st Sep 2011 - 5:53pm

    Had to log in to say CONGRATULATIONS! I am really happy to see RS get picked up, and by Dignitas especially. GL at IEM NY guys :)

  • WPCajunazn

    Jordan Leung
    Wed 21st Sep 2011 - 6:09pm

    Congrats to RockSolid and Dignitas! I cant wait to see what you guys can do with the support from such a great team as Dignitas!

  • dem_da_gudchild

    dem sangines
    Wed 21st Sep 2011 - 6:20pm


    congratz! im a big fan of RS gaming

  • Tesla

    Lori Slaughter
    Wed 21st Sep 2011 - 8:14pm

    Hell ya! Welcome to the family guys!

  • Jatt

    Joshua Leesman
    Wed 21st Sep 2011 - 9:36pm

    @purposegaming, yes, Jatt from Rebel Rising fame

  • Jonnoo

    Jonathan Holmes
    Wed 21st Sep 2011 - 9:41pm

    Nice! :)  Welcome to the team RockSolid! .. Or should I say dignitas LoL! :D  Maybe you can give me some tips to stop me from going 0-20 :D haha. Welcome !

  • Pandemic_

    Saadiq Cornelius
    Wed 21st Sep 2011 - 10:39pm

    Welcome to the team guys. Maybe you can get in me into LoL. 

  • PurposeGaming

    Sam Harries
    Wed 21st Sep 2011 - 11:19pm


    @Jatt - ahh cool stuff, used to play with You/Cirque/Asp/snuff and people like that in black dye cartel, Percytown pirates etc, under the nick Ss

  • Mcore

    Wed 21st Sep 2011 - 11:20pm


    They already Won the IEM Qualifiers, beating CLG (Counter Logic Gaming), who are widely regarded as the best LoL team out there.

    Not an easy feat.

  • Mandioka

    Patrick Sousa
    Thu 22nd Sep 2011 - 12:25am

    welcome guys! =)

  • SjoW

    Jeffrey Brusi
    Thu 22nd Sep 2011 - 1:09am

    Welcome Cya at IEM ny

  • Tesla

    Lori Slaughter
    Thu 22nd Sep 2011 - 5:37am

    @ Jatt ~ Dude! I know you! I helped you guys with the first Rawr Party! HAHA! Small world! You ever log into guild wars anymore? XD

  • Voyboy

    Joe Esfahani
    Thu 22nd Sep 2011 - 6:09am

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys :)

  • MoMa

    Thu 22nd Sep 2011 - 11:42am

    Hey Good luck RS, im sure you will do better than my team did before in this great organisation :) Good luck and enjoy ur time!

  • ExoGenesis

    Jamie Gardner
    Thu 22nd Sep 2011 - 7:36pm

    good luck guys!

  • humm3r

    Brian Harrison
    Fri 23rd Sep 2011 - 2:03am

    seeing your streaming guys atm :D

  • poopfeast

    poop feast
    Fri 23rd Sep 2011 - 12:19pm

    Wow, Voyboy is so young. o:

    gl hf you guys. :D

  • Ramirez

    Andrew Corrigan
    Fri 23rd Sep 2011 - 2:22pm

    Welcome to dignitas! good luck!!

  • MikeZila

    Miguel Igreja
    Fri 23rd Sep 2011 - 8:18pm

    gl hf you guys. :D

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