Interview with Patoy: "Having a small champion pool can be extremely bad, unless it's the holy trinity of supports, Lulu, Sona and Thresh"



Thu 20th Jun 2013 - 7:00pm

With the LCS in full swing again, I recently had a chance to talk to Jordan 'Patoy' Blackburn about the team's performance, how he thinks the competition stands up, and he sheds a little insight onto his support play. 


Patoy you've just come off of the first week of LCS having gone 2-3. What were you expecting, and what is team planning to work on going into next week?

Patoy: I was expecting 2-3 or 3-2 due to our team having to relearn the game, we're far from where we were before the split and we have to work hard to back back on top.


In your game against Cloud 9 you pulled off a flawless level one, setting up lane swaps and taking complete control of the enemy jungle, yet C9 pulled it together and took the game off you. Why do you think they came out ahead?

Patoy: We had really a bad follow up to the way they played and ended up just losing everything.


Cloud 9 went 5-0 this week, taking down many top teams from last split. Is it beginner's luck, or do you think they will be able to maintain this momentum?

Patoy: I don't think Cloud 9 can maintain it. They're a good team but it's obvious in my eyes that it's more that every other team is playing worse than they did months ago.


So now we've had some time to see the new CLG roster in competitive play, how do you think their new team stands up with Chauser on Support now?

Patoy: Chauster's play coming back to support is lacking as expected, but I think he will be fine given the time.


Janna has started to spike in popularity. She has been a rare pick so far in Season 3, but Week 1 of this split she was one of the most popular supports played. What do you think of Janna, and why are we seeing so much of her?

Patoy: Janna has become popular alongside the popularity of Kennen, it's a simple concept that Janna can ulti away Kennen in teamfights, and everybody loves Janna's passive.


What did you think of the Allstar games? Many of the asian teams had impressive performances, are there any particular players that stand out to you, or any you look up to?

Patoy: I'm suprised Korea actually beat China as handedly as they did. I see the way China played team fights and I was EXTREMELY impressed, but Korea just outclassed them before any teamfights happened. No specific player stood out to me though, everybody made their separate great plays.


Your champion pool is one of the wider ones for a Support player in the LCS.What advantages does this bring over a player who just works on mastering a small core of champions?

Patoy: Having a small champion pool can be extremely bad, unless it's the holy trinity of supports,  Lulu, Sona and Thresh, since they're so versatile and great for almost all small plays in the game. Having a big champion pool is great because other teams know they can't tunnel onto a specific strategy. For example a poke comp could be at risk of the support player countering it with a hard engage champion. It also opens up the option of taking the enemy by surprise with an unexpected pick.


Now that your team has been settled into a gaming house, what is it like living with the team? Who is your favorite person to live with?

Patoy: It's exactly what I expected. Everybody is a mess and everything is always dirty.


Many members of your team have become pretty popular streamers, do you have any plans to stream?

Patoy: I might possibly stream, who knows.

Patoy you've been with the team a long time, but you're always very quiet and reserved so I just want to ask a few questions to get to know you better. How did you get started playing League?

Patoy: I was an old WoW player and I ended up switching over after some friends invited me.


What's your favorite champion?

Patoy: Alistar and Zyra are my favorites.


What kind of music do you like to listen to? Do you have a favorite band?

Patoy: I listen to Electro, House, Rap, DnB and pop.


Thanks for taking the time to talk to me Patoy, and good luck this week in the LCS! Follow Patoy on Twitter @Patoylol