Team Dignitas Welcomes A UK LoL Squad!



Sat 18th May 2013 - 8:39pm

Today we are pleased to announce our return to the European League of Legends scene. With our main roster of League Of Legends players in the North American LCS, we have been looking for the right team and moment to once again venture in to the European, and specifically UK scene.

In the past months, the UK player base and community has grown significantly, and through events such as Iseries and the Scan UK Legends League, UK players and teams have shown a lot of improvement already. We want to help the UK competitive scene and community grow even further.

Joining Team Dignitas for League of Legends will be the former members of British Tea Time; Taylor, Nitrix, CookmySock, Yerrow and Smokeylemon. The team has shown in both online and offline tournaments that they have the ability to compete with the challenger teams in Europe, and have the potential to qualify for LCS in the future. With our help and support, the team will be attending numerous events over the next few months, starting with MCM Expo's League of Legends tournament next weekend.

Team Dignitas UK LoL is:

Matt 'Impaler' Taylor - Jungle
Nick 'CookMySock' Li - Mid
Reece 'NitriX' Phoenix - Top
Raymond 'Yerrow' Tsang - Support
Tom 'SmokeyLemon' Griffiths - AD Carry

Please give them a warm welcome!


Nick "CookMySock" Li:

"I would firstly like to thank Team Dignitas and all their amazing sponsors for giving us this opportunity to become true professional gamers.

I must say, we were all very surprised how we were given this chance so quickly since forming together just a few months ago. Our progression as a team has been rapid, and it is an honour to be able to represent the UK esports scene. Upon looking at the European scene, we see esports excelling in countries such as Sweden and Germany. It is our ambition to enrich UK esports with the same enthusiasm and hopefully move on to greater things. We will be attending as many UK events as possible, with the aim that our hardwork, dedication and tournament experience will lead us into the LCS.

Amongst all things, we hope to meet the fans of League of Legends, esports and Team Dignitas!"