Team Dignitas Welcomes KiWiKiD



Tue 18th Dec 2012 - 9:09pm

As announced earlier, Team Dignitas has been looking for a new top laner as the team decided that it was best for Alberto 'Crumbzz' Rengifo to switch back to Jungle. In a recent interview, Team captain William 'Scarra' Li said that he was impressed by some of the talent they came across while trying out new players. Today, after almost two weeks of trying out all fantastic players, our League of Legends team has now decided who will join us for Season 3.

Please give a warm welcome to Alan 'KiWiKiD' Nguyen as Team Dignitas' new top laner. He was a former Heroes of Newerth pro player, having played at the top of the scene in compLexity. He is now focusing on LoL and our players are confident that he is the right player for the team.

Our team will now start practicing for Season 3 so check back to our website for the latest tournament and Team Dignitas updates.


Alan 'KiWiKiD' Nguyen

"I am honored that Team Dignitas chose me as their Off-laner; I feel like Harry Potter, TheChosenOne. I am very grateful for this opportunity and will do the best I can. Thank you to all my fans, especially the ones that still follow me from the HoN scene. Season 3, here I come!"


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