InvenGlobal's story on how Clutch became Dignitas



Wed 25th Sep 2019 - 7:46pm

InvenGlobal has published a story on how Clutch Gaming became Dignitas, adapting to our family culture and showing up the progress on the LCS stage.

Full story

Clutch Gaming has been a part of the Dignitas family for a few months now, in which time the team went through a cultural restructuring and was given the resources to do better. Starting as underdogs when the partnership came to life, Clutch is now one of the three North American teams that will represent the region at the 2019 World Championship, surprising everyone on their way to qualifying.

"They had the belief that they were good enough, but they needed more than that," InvenGlobal shared. "Clutch needed the empowerment and encouragement provided by DIG. At the end of the season, they got there. It all came together."

In the story, some of the players and staff involved in the process shared their insights on Clutch’s journey to becoming Dignitas, and the path to Worlds. Make sure to check out the full story here!