Team Dignitas Parts Ways With Chaser



Sat 15th Jul 2017 - 6:43pm

Team Dignitas announces the release of Lee 'Chaser' Sang-hyun from their NA LCS League of Legends lineup. Chaser joined Team Dignitas in December 2016 and has been sharing time as starting Jungler with Lee 'Shrimp' Byeong-hoon during the Summer NA LCS Split. Team Dignitas President Michael O’Dell said, “We appreciate Chaser’s time with the team, and wish him well in the future.”

Lee 'Shrimp' Byeong-hoon will be taking over the starting Jungler position for the team.

Chaser will be returning to Korea, but he was appreciative for his time in the United States. Chaser commented, “It was a good experience to live in North America as a pro gamer, and I am looking for a chance to try again.”

Team Dignitas returns to the NA LCS stage on Saturday July 15th at 12pm PDT against CLG.

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