Interview with DIG Big on the Summer Split, the Support Meta and Team Dynamics



Fri 16th Jun 2017 - 11:57am

Following our victory against TSM, we've caught up with our newest addition to the League of Legends lineup, Support player Terry "Big" Chuong! We've had a chance to speak to him regarding his transition to Team Dignitas, his thoughts on the support meta, and more.

Welcome to the team! How do you feel about the opportunity to represent Team Dignitas, and how have you been adjusting to life with the team?

Big: I feel lucky that I have the chance to represent another LCS team. It was an easy transition for me to make. Everybody on this team was shy at first, but eventually we became friendly and now we work hard together.

Stepping forward as a starting support for Team Dignitas over Xpecial, what is it like trying to fill his shoes?

Big: It’s been a challenge taking over his responsibility with the team, but the team is helping me out with that.

Team Dignitas has shown strong performances these first two weeks, currently tied for first in the standings. How does it feel to begin with such a successful start this split?

Big: It’s a huge confidence booster going into the season with a 3-1 start two weeks in. Taking down the better teams early on makes me believe that we have the potential to win NA LCS.

What factor has been the most instrumental to Team Dignitas’ recent victories? On the contrary, which area do you think the team could use improvement most?

Big: Being able to play in the LCS with champions we are comfortable with has been a huge help. That’s thanks to our coaching staff for taking the time to prepare for pick ban properly. Like most teams though, I think we suffer when we fall behind in a game. We become too passive and look to prolong the game as long as possible by being defensive.

How are you enjoying the mage-dominated support meta?

Big: It’s one of the better seasons that I’ve played. I feel like I have an impact in the game now when I play things like Zyra. With the shielding champions, I always feel useful no matter how far I fall behind, too.

What has made mage supports such as Lulu, Karma and Zyra so prevalent as opposed to tank supports?

Big: It has to come down to lane pressure and being able to make more plays with the jungler. Playing as a tank support you are more reliant on the team to help you make it to the late game, but with mage supports you can have an easier time in lane and more pressure.

What are your thoughts on the recent addition of ‘quests’ to the starting support items?

Big: I like what they are trying to do with the support items. Before, it usually consisted of 2 of the 3 items being bought all game. Now with the quest and the rewards they give you can change it up and you have a mini-game to play for.

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How has your addition to the Team Dignitas lineup changed team communication and shotcalling?

Big: I feel that I bring a lot of direction to the team which involves what to do, and how to do it.

What’s the dynamic like between you and your lane partner, LOD?

Big: We get along in and out of the game. Both of us know we are playing to improve and win, so we are open to criticism from each other. Just being able to talk to him freely makes laning with him better because he responds and contributes to the discussion.

How has team practice and preparation been, following the recent addition of Saintvicious as coach?

Big: It’s been hard for me to tell, when I joined the team they were both coaching. I do know that he has been helping with ingame strategy and pick ban with Cop.

In Week 3, you play against Phoenix1 and Echo Fox. Based on their recent showings, how does it feel to be facing them this coming weekend?

Big: Feels weird playing against my former teammates, but I’m also excited to show them how good my team is.

Do you have any shoutouts or closing words?

Big: Thanks to all my fans out there who support me. I hope I can help bring my team to the NA LCS finals. Also thanks to Team Dignitas and our sponsors!


We thank Big for his time. To stay tuned with Big, you can follow him on Twitter!

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