Spring Split Success: A Quick Look at a Great Game - DIG vs FLY



Fri 19th May 2017 - 9:03am

The LCS Summer Split is coming in the month of June! As we all eagerly anticipate another few weeks of great League of Legends, let’s take a quick look at one of our best games from the past Spring Split.  

 NALCS 2017 Spring Week 5  

Team Dignitas VS FlyQuest - Game 2

The Pick/Ban

From pick/ban, it can be seen that the key to winning this game is going to be in choosing smart fights and controlling the map. With so many diving champions and aggressive chasing ability from the enemy team, a situation is created where if even a bit of focus is lost, the consequences will be brutal.  This game, our players need to stay sharp and quick on their feet.

Starting Strong

The game starts off with a smart gank set-up by Ssumday on Maokai:


It is usually unexpected for Maokai to have Twisted Advance at level 2. Most of the time, Maokai players will opt to take Bramble Smash and Sapling Toss for waveclear. Ssumday decides to harass with Sapling Toss and allow Rumble to push into him. When he hits level 2, Ssumday takes Twisted Advance in anticipation of the incoming gank from Chaser on Kha’zix Rumble is pushed up and the trap is set. A nice first blood picked up by Team Dignitas!

The Lead

Team Dignitas Baron Steal! 

Ssumday on Maokai plays an instrumental role in this Baron steal. Chaser coming in for the steal, the enemy team devotes resources into locking him down. Jarvan IV combo’s in and Malzahar also suppresses with Nether Grasp. Ssumday is able to flash into the pit and survive long enough to knock Malzahar out of his ult. This enables Chaser to come in for the clean steal.

Additionally, Keane sees a fantastic opportunity after all the big cooldowns have been used on the enemy team. He pulls the trigger and is able to freely chase kills on Zed.

This Baron steal and follow-up kill collection allows Dignitas to take a solid lead back from FlyQuest and start their comeback run to end the game.


Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Every team member plays a part in this teamfight.

LOD and Xpecial lay down their ultimates the moment FlyQuest initiates on Ssumday.

Ssumday flashes in to absorb even more damage with his Courage of the Colossus keystone before going down for a quick powernap thanks to Guardian Angel

Keane and Chaser are then able to jump into the fight and erase the rest of the enemy team.

Keane starts off the fight by forcing Sivir’s flash. Endgame Sivir is capable of putting out huge amounts of damage after a few items, so this removes a good chunk of the enemy’s fighting potential and allows the squishier members of Team Dignitas to fight unimpeded

The rest of the enemy team is already committed to the fight and Team Dignitas walks out with a clean ace.


Closing It 

Right at the beginning of this fight, the huge initiate from FlyQuest onto Xpecial puts Team Dignitas on the backfoot.

Keane recognizes that all the enemy cooldowns are being blown to control his teammates, so he dives into the backline and shows us a beautiful display of Zed teamfighting

His ultimate combo itself is enough to completely delete Jarvan IV and free up LOD. Seeing Sivir enter the fight, Keane rushes down and picks up a second quick kill before Sivir can even get off a second auto attack.

Then, with the numbers advantage created, the rest of Team Dignitas are able to collapse on the fight and go for the game winning push.



Our engines are getting revved up for the upcoming split! Let's take the LCS on again and hope to have games as clean as this one in the future.