Highlight of the Match: Team Dignitas vs Team EnvyUs



Thu 16th Feb 2017 - 1:05pm

In this article, we will take a look at Team Dignitas and Team EnvyUs' match for week 4 of the 2017 NA LCS Spring Split. We are going to analyze the teamfight which turned the tides of the game in our favor.

The clip begins with LirA's Kha'Zix activating R - Void Assault and Edge of Night to engage on Chaser's Graves who was previously spotted entering the bush. Chaser managed to escape the burst of Kha'Zix with only a sliver of health, only after using his dash and R - Collateral Damage, to get him into a safer position.

Seconds after, Ninja's Cassiopeia flashes in and casts R - Petrifying Gaze only a couple of pixels away from grabbing the kill onto Chaser. Now keep in mind that Envy's primary target, Cassiopeia is out of both her Ultimate and Flash. Three members of Team Envy went on to chase Graves, thus underestimating Keane's Orianna and her damage output, that consequently managed to kill LirA (who was already half-HP from his fight with Chaser, moments ago). This part of the fight is the turning point which made Team Dignitas win the whole thing, as they not only burned the Summoners of Envy's main carry, they also managed to grab a kill in return in this 2v3 fight.

In the meanwhile, Ssumday, LOD, and Stunt won their 3v2 fight against Hakuho and Apollo. Stunt's R - Tidal Wave just barely hit Lulu, who was running for her life, which resulted in Maokai getting the kill.

Now, it is a 4v3 fight in favor of Team Dignitas, and all of Envy's remaining members have all their spells down. Stunt flashes in to close the distance between him and Cassiopeia, slows her with the enhanced autoattack by her E - Tidecaller's Blessing, and exhausts to make sure her Q - Aqua Blast will stun her. After this, it was all a piece of cake for Team Dignitas's LOD, who proceeded to hit his R - Chain of Corruption onto Cass, finally getting the kill on her. Last but not least, they managed to get another kill onto the helpless Shen of Seraph as well, leaving Team Dignitas with a totally uncontested Baron.

Since the start of the fight, almost all of Team Dignitas players' execution was nearly perfect. Chaser stalled his death long enough for Keane to grab a kill in return onto LirA, Stunt's aggressive flash resulted in Envy's main source of damage falling apart, and Ssumday's zoning onto the enemy Bot Lane resulted in leaving the rest of NV unprotected and without back-up. The Baron Dignitas grabbed after this very fight, resulted in a domino effect for Team Envy which ultimately made us win the game. GG's to Team Envy, and we will see you on the rift again in week 8 of the NA LCS.

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