Team Dignitas Featured Streamer Spotlight: Kat Gunn



Fri 21st Aug 2015 - 7:59pm

Hey Guys! Maleok here with the latest in our "Team Dignitas Featured Streamer Spotlight" series. This time I talked with our resident KatGunn about how she found herself working for the team. This unique lady implements her family into her streams several times a month and makes one of the most honest attempts at getting to know her subs I have ever seen.

How did you initially to get involved with Team Dignitas?

KatGunn: I've known Odee for almost a decade now. We've known each other through competitive gaming. He was part of the Championship gaming series and was miraculously able to come into the world finals and beat the team I was playing for "Carolina Corp". They beat me in Dead or Alive.

Has working with an E-sports team made a significant impact on your content?

KatGunn: Yes definitely. I have always been competitive and would strive to be a professional at games I played. Being part of a professional team gives me the opportunity to pursue gaming on a competitive level.

Did you ever think that your content would be backed by a company or sponsor?

KatGunn: I never thought gaming could be a career. I've grown up in gaming and Esports wasn't even a coined term until the last 5-10 years. Growing up I never thought that video games would be my main career. When you can make a living off of your passions that is just an amazing unicorn effect in itself. Doing this is definitely nothing I could foresee.

What can you tell us about the relationship you have with the team?

KatGunn: I try to stay informed on the teams cross platform. My relationship is definitely just trying to keep up with everyone. Although since I am so busy streaming, running a printing company, and making LED signs I find myself constantly busy. I do what I can to stay updated. Luckily our site has really great articles, and we have a lot of content providers. Dignitas is very good at informing people and following social media, that's how I get my fill.

Kat showing her cosplay talent.

What are the perks to working with a professional team?

KatGunn: I would say that having readily available sponsors is huge. When you are representing yourself it is really hard to attract a sponsor just for you because they want the numbers, they want certain things to come from you. When you are on a team it makes it easier for a sponsor to come on board because they are representing a wide variety of things, which is very attractive to a sponsor.

Are there any downsides about being a streamer who represents a team?

KatGunn: Absolutely. When you are on a professional team, and I get this a lot when I am streaming, they will expect a certain skill level. Granted if it's a console FPS I can fulfill that. However whenever I play a new game, for example I played the demo for the new Street Fighter, I haven't played Street Fighter in almost three years and I don't have an arcade stick for PS4. That being said I did not play up to the standard of being on a pro team. So most of the downfall comes from high expectations no matter what game I am playing. I've got plenty of justifications I swear! *laughs*

What about your stream do you think has the biggest draw? 

KatGunn: I include my family a lot which is very rare. On mondays my dad and I do subscriber interviews, which is another unique thing, I like to interview and learn about the people who support me. On Wednesday's I have "Workout Wednesday" where I play Dance Central with my sister, or a similar game which is equally as active.

Kat and her dad before a monday night stream.

In your opinion, what is the best part about being a video game streamer?

KatGunn: The best part about being a video game streamer is being able to make a career out of it. Before Twitch came out it really was about being super good at a game and trying to go to competitions. Back then making it into the top three was the only way you could really make up the cost of going to the event. Having something like Twitch around and being able to not just be a competitive gamer, you can be a well rounder gamer, an entertainer, a speedrunner, or any other variety of niches. YouTube brought that on with PewDiePie and now Twitch is doing that so you can get involved in the gaming scene.

What would you say is more important to you right now, Stream growth or maintaining a steady audience?

KatGunn: I think both are very important. You always want to be well rounded on social media to reach out to the fanbase and the audience. I think both factors assist each other. The more you grow then the more consistent your audience will get. However that is a double edged sword, like if you only play Hearthstone and you move to another game a lot of people wont follow you because they are dedicated to that. Whereas if you are multi-genre then they can follow you. It's important to me that everyone has fun and naturally that should grow if people tune back in and have more fun.

Finally, Is there anything that you would like to tell your followers or people who may have not heard of you before?

KatGunn: If you want a challenge and you want to be entertained, we have mods that are specially selected to make the chat more friendly, we are like those annoying people at a store that are like, "Hi welcome to _____!". We try to make sure that everyone is having a good time. We try and make the best entertainment and if you have any questions we are always there to answer.

Thank you so much for your time Kat! Keep doing what you are doing, your unique take on including family and subs in your streams really does stand out. We are behind you 100 percent!