Team Dignitas’ HGC Preview: Phase 2 - Week 10



Wed 19th Sep 2018 - 6:24pm

This is the last week of League play for 2018. After this weekend, Team Dignitas will be in full BlizzCon preparation mode. But first, they must face Roll20 Esports in this final week. Looking back on last weekend, Team Dignitas experienced their first match loss in Phase 2. Leftovers achieved the ultimate upset, keeping toe-to-toe with Team Dignitas during the 5-game series.

Game 1 was confidently taken by Leftovers. They started off with an early lead and were able to keep the momentum into the late-game. Leftovers also won Game 2. While Kenn "Zaelia" Rasmussen had some amazing saves while playing Ana, Leftovers spent most of their time focusing him any chance they had. Game 3 was the beginning of the Team Dignitas comeback. Joshua "Snitch" Bennett on Medivh landed a 4-man Leyline Seal on Leftovers which lead to Team Dignitas winning the teamfight and taking the game. Snitch also played Medivh in Game 4, and with Vilhelm "POILK" Flennmark on Gul’dan, there were many times they displaced Leftovers to win teamfights. It was a very close game, but Team Dignitas won the final teamfight to take it.

With the series tied up, both teams went all out in the draft. Team Dignitas picked up Garrosh, Deckard, Leoric, Junkrat, and Zeratul, while Leftovers went with a surprising Kerrigan pick with Alexstrasza as the Support. It was another super close game, and even though Team Dignitas lost the series, it was a great learning opportunity going forward.

Team Dignitas vs. Roll20 Esports - Friday, September 21st at 11:00 am PDT / 8:00 pm CEST

Roll20 Esports (formerly Zealots) is currently 7th in League standings. They have wins against Granit Gaming and Method, who are both higher than them in the standings, but they also recently lost to Monkey Menagerie. This past weekend, we saw four games of Tyrande as the Support for Roll20 and none from Team Dignitas.

Both Christoph “Cris” Gowitzke and POILK have been playing a lot of Raynor since his rework. But lately, Raynor has been more popular for Cris than POILK. Last weekend Team Dignitas had a 5-game series, which meant we got to see some more variety in the compositions of Team Dignitas. Mages like Gul’dan, Li-Ming, and Jaina all made appearances in the draft. With Medivh coming back as well for Team Dignitas, it has made Mage picks a lot safer. Sgt. Hammer is still seeing a lot of play and is also frequently banned, but we aren’t always seeing POILK on the hero. Both Cris and POILK also play Hanzo, who for the last 2 weeks has seen little play from either team, mostly due to the fact he is banned more often now.

This weekend will be the introduction of the new hero, Mephisto, into competitive play. This iteration will be before his nerf changes, so it’s very likely that we will see some teams try out the hero as he has been declared quite powerful. Since he is a Mage, we could see either POILK or Cris giving him a spin.

This is the final week of HGC EU League play for Team Dignitas. After this, the next time you see us will be during the Group Stages at BlizzCon, so come and join us in the DIGscord to get your fix until then! The game will be broadcasted on the BlizzHeroes Twitch page on Friday.

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