DIGHeroes AMA highlights



Sun 1st Jul 2018 - 7:24pm

Hanging around DIGscord is always fun, but Thusrday June 28 was even better - our amazing Heroes of the Storm team found some time between the practices to do an AMA! Fans had lots of different questions, and the team had answers. If you were unfortunate enough to miss it, we’ve prepared the Q&A recap below.

I was surprised we didn't see Zeratul/Tyrael/Greymane more at MSB. Those three usually show up at LANs with the Asian playstyle, but this year they remained out of drafts most of the time. Any thoughts?

Wubby: With the current power of Blaze and Dehaka it is hard to find space for Zeratul in the draft, Greymane has just been nerfed too much but is slowly coming back. Tyrael doesn't really bring what you want from the main tank in this meta.

Who came up with the insane macro play on ToD in the finals?

Snitch: Pretty much just reactionary. We had good waves set up all over the map and Wubby called that we needed to get as much as we could, and we just split well to take all structures at once.

Zaelia, why didn’t we see more Monk from you at MSB?

Zaelia: We got a lot of Malfurion this tournament, it was basically just how the drafts went and what maps were played. He is kinda niche in a way, we were totally down to play him, it just didn't happen for whatever reason.

Nabby, At the MSB you couldn't hear the communications between the players, how were you able to have an impact on how the team felt, on strategies, etc?

Nabby: The breaks in between maps are really the only place I can have an impact, outside of pregame prep stuff. My focus will always be what I can communicate at that limited time that ensures I get my points across without pulling them out of their zone.

How does the shot-calling work with you guys? One dedicated one? Or one for macro, one for teamfights?

Nabby: Team effort, my dood! Wubby will generally control the bigger picture early game but as the game progresses the team’s decision-making becomes more apparent.

What is your favorite cheese strategy?


Who's the easiest person to farm from other HGC teams?

Zaelia: Breez for sure, the little wannabe Danish lad.

How different is it to play with 0 ping compared to online?

POILK: Like night and day.

Wubby: Not too different in my opinion, it’s just about getting used to it. Nothing I notice, honestly.

Zaelia, do you enjoy playing Malfurion every game?

Zaelia: Yeeee d0000d, he is kinda fun actually, if you don't need the cleanse you can make some cool builds work.

What’s your take on the new solo laner at Fnatic?

Snitch: I think LastHope has a lot of potential. He looked very, very solid in tryout scrims even though he was a Hero league player which was probably a big part of why he got the spot. I'm excited to see how he performs with more time and practice with the team!

Wubby: He is a very talented and strong solo laner, but he lacks a bit of hero pool.

Zaelia, what made you swap from off-tank to healer at the start of the current season? 

Zaelia: We were talking team roster before team roles, and it was just the best this way with me on the support; I like supporting, but if I do another swap in the future, it'll definitely be for ranged.

Thoughts on the new map?

Nabby: The objective is probably on the strong side of things, but I think it'll be a nice map once it gets into the competitive pool.

Snitch: It's likely it will replace Braxis, at worst, it will be slightly better and, at best, it will be a solid competitive map.

Should the core get an HP buff?

Nabby: Maybe, it does feel a bit like paper at the moment.

Thoughts on Yrel after her buff? Do you find her enjoyable to play? I think she feels quite strange, especially weaving in auto attacks?

Wubby: I feel Yrel was fine before the buffs after playing her more and more, now I think she might be a bit strong. After about 20 games on her, I find her very enjoyable after getting used to her mechanics.

Is Yrel more of a solo laner or Tank?

Wubby: She was for sure gonna be played in pro play before the buffs, and even more now with buffs, as a solo laner.

Wubby, do you think we need a full rework in order to Make Chen Great Again?

Wubby: Probably yes, I don’t think changing numbers is what he needs. His concept is very boring and outdated so, rework, yes.

Who wins in lane, Li-Ming or Jaina?

POILK: Probably Jaina but laning has a lot to do with the other Heroes as well. It’s very rarely a 1v1.

Wubby, is there some formula to quickly find which machup gets the upper hand on the offlane?

Wubby: The quick formula is Blaze beats everyone and Leo/Yrel beats Blaze.

Whats the state of Johanna? She was picked early already before this HP buff?

Snitch: Feels like she's a little weaker on old/week 1 patch but stronger on live.

Wubby, did the new patch change your build on Yrel?

Wubby: Yes, on lvl 16 I take the follow through splash. Still think heal on four is overall best, but found some success with Hand of freedom.

Zaelia, When will we see more Ana?

Zaelia: I actually suggest her every scrimblock, haha, fairly sure Wubby is displeased with it every time (^_^). But I try!

Wubby: I don’t think anyone will pick Ana in this meta.

Zaelia: I have a bunch of ideas with Ana, but it's basically impossible to make her work in this current meta. Deckard with Emerald on 7 is the same concept, just better.

Zaelia, can you rank the Supports from strongest to weakest?

Zaelia: Malf #1, he just enables and counters everything draft wise - Then probably Monk#2 in the right compositions, and then you have Deckard & Stukov #3…. And then the rest are swimming around in a puddle down there.

What are the strongest supports for you to play?

Zaelia: Ah, Malfurion is probably my most solid, then the bald lads Monk & Deckard, and then the rest. I felt good with Stukov once, but not so much anymore - he feels awkward to me nowadays.

Snitch, do you think that in this meta there is little space for a melee assassin?

Snitch: I think there's some room for a melee assassin in triple melee drafts, but Heroes like Blaze, Dehaka and Yrel are much stronger than melee assassins in the solo lane, so they dominate the meta in that regard.

Wubby, have you tried Crossfire at 7 on Blaze?

Wubby: I have tried it pretty recently but it's very awkward in my opinion. I’m currently in love with the Grill and Kill on 7.

Wubby, why did the Leo build evolve on lvl 1 to the healing talent?

Wubby: You can see Leo picked into a Blaze lane where he needs heal level 1 to bully the Blaze. Other than that, Leo is played on Shrines where I think Q lvl 1 is usually better, since laning matters less than Tomb/Dragon.

Wubby, is Tissue Regeneration finally better than Enhanced Agility for Dehaka on level 1?

Wubby: Meta now for solo laners is to be able to clear the wave and be a bully. Heroes like Dehaka and Leo are slowly coming back in meta because of their strong healing level 1 talents, which make them win almost any trade. The change to Dehaka’s lvl 4 also makes it less punishing skipping the movespeed.

Wubby, now that offlaner meta shifted to managing the wave instead off outplaying your opponent, does matchup matter, and in what way since you don't really need to outplay your opponent?

Wubby: Matchups still matter a lot. If your hero has the upper hand, you can manage the waves as you wish and leave for roaming, while your opponent will have to stay in the lane.

Favourite Heroes outside your role?

Snitch: Yrel is fun, I whacka da hammer!

POILK: Zeratul or Tyrande. 

Zaelia: Liiiiiii-miiiiing!

What games did you play before HotS?

POILK: Way too much League of Legends.

Wubby: I played LoL on a team with POILK, but before HotS I was #1 Strife player.

We all know Snitch’s favourite animal is the penguin, what is your favourite animal or a lucky charm?

Zaelia: I wore a magical blue & red wristband together with some powerful socks, wildly magical combination.

POILK: Piggy!

Wubby: Caterpillar.

Zaelia: Puma.

Who eats the most?

Snitch: I Think Jay is probably the one who eats the most. Every time we get fast food I swear he gets like two meals when everyone else gets one.

Who feeds the most in scrims?

POILK: Wubby!

Snitch: Wubby.

Zaelia: Wubby!

Nabby, when will you stream?

Nabby: Most of the time I do get to play or even have the chance to stream are like the dead of night EST.

Thank you, everyone, for joining us for the AMA, it was fun as always! Which team would you like to see do the DIGscord AMA next?