Team Dignitas’ HGC Preview: Week 3



Thu 1st Feb 2018 - 10:17pm

If anyone was doubting the power of Team Dignitas, they surely aren’t anymore after the results of Week 2. Team Dignitas powered their way through both Diamond Skin and Method with clean 3-0 scores. Sitting pretty at the top of the pack with 9-0 W-L score, Team Dignitas is looking positively frightening. Let’s quickly review Week 2’s games to see just how Team Dignitas were able to dominate the weekend.

With the allowance of Blaze in Week 2, Team Dignitas surprised many by drafting him in their second game against Diamond Skin. Jonathan “Wubby” Gunnarsson played Blaze in the game and had excellent timing on every Jet Propulsion ability, lining it up perfectly with Muradin stuns from Jérôme “JayPL” Trinh. Joshua “Snitch” Bennett provided absolutely chaos on his Junkrat by catching many members of Diamond Skin off guard with well-placed Concussion Mines. There were a few mistakes by the team in moments where they acted hyper-aggressively. The Team Dignitas strategy of consistently first-banning a specific character continued on, as they banned Genji in two games while Diamond Skin banned him in the third.

In the series against Method, Team Dignitas kept their prioritization of either banning or picking Genji. What was expected to be a very close series, as Method gave teams such as Fnatic and Diamond Skin a run for their money, Team Dignitas seemed to be completely dominant. Method set a priority on Hanzo in the first two games and went for a mix of disruption stuns and relentless poke by drafting Junkrat, Anub’arak, Tracer, Illidan, and Uther. Team Dignitas stuck to their strengths with drafting Greymane, a character they rely on frequently for his excellent poke and burst damage, Dehaka, one of Wubby’s priority solo-laners, and high impact Mages like Gul’dan and Li-Ming.

Team Dignitas vs. Leftovers - Friday, February 2nd at 9:00 am PST / 6:00 pm CET

When it comes to Support, Kenn “Zaelia” Rasmussen has picked up on the role very quickly. We expected to see a lot of Lucio play from him, as he was phenomenal on the Hero during GCWC. But, we are seeing a higher prioritization on Malfurion. Out of their 9 games thus far, Zaelia has played Malfurion 6 times and Uther the remaining 3. What we see with other teams is more diversity in Supports, with even the new Alexstrasza seeing a fair bit of play on certain battlegrounds. Mark “Linked” Sepec, the Support player for Leftovers, has been playing mostly Rehgar during this phase of HGC.

The newcomer team who made it into the league from Open Division is having a rough go, currently sitting at 0-9 W-L. Team Dignitas is a very difficult team to try and ban out, but perhaps taking away by either picking or banning Malfurion from Zaelia can disrupt some of Team Dignitas’ root-into-stun-into-burst strategies.

Come watch this Friday as Team Dignitas take on Leftovers. The support of the fans is always so important to the team, so make sure you get your #DIGWIN tweets out there! As well, feel free to join us in our new Discord Server where we will be having a viewing party during the games. Join staff and fans alike in analyzing and enjoying Team Dignitas play!

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