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Wed 25th Oct 2017 - 2:08pm

BlizzCon, the most prestigious event for all Blizzard games, will host 16 of the top Heroes of the Storm teams from around the world. This is the epic finale to a whole year of amazing HGC competition. The teams will face each other in a Group Stage setup the week prior to BlizzCon, and those who make it out will play the rest of their matches on the big BlizzCon stage. For Team Dignitas, this will be the third year competing at BlizzCon and the team feels like this year, they have a very good shot at winning it all.

Team Dignitas first formed in 2015 and broke through the EU scene to earn a spot at BlizzCon. They made it to the finals, unfortunately losing out to Cloud9’s cheeky Murky pick. In 2016, the team once again represented Europe at BlizzCon. They fought hard against the Korean teams in the Group Stage but fell to Ballistix on stage, earning themselves 3rd/4th place. Once again, the team is bootcamping in Korea as preparation, scrimming with the top EU and Korean teams. Their new coach, Joseph "Nabby" Magdaong, is also taking a very active role, having travelled with the team to Korea to help the team improve.

First up in the BlizzCon journey is the Group Stage during Opening Week, where the 16 teams will be whittled down to the top 8 teams. The Group Stage is broken into 4 groups and their games will be spread out over 4 days, starting Thursday, October 26th. Each group will compete in a single-elimination bracket that will allow the top two teams from each to advance to the finals that will be played on the Blizzcon stage.

Team Dignitas will be in Group C and their games will take place on Saturday, October 28th, with the first games starting at 11:00 am PDT / 8:00 pm CEST. Their group has some tough contenders: Tempest (third seed in Korea), Roll20 esports (first seed in NA), and Red Canids (first seed in Latin America). All the matches will be a best-of-3 and be broadcasted on the HGC Twitch channel. Let’s have a look at the teams Team Dignitas will be facing during Opening Week:

RED Canids
RED Canids have been the top team in Latin America for 2017, having earned the advantage to participate in many global events. Throughout the year, they’ve grown from these experiences, being able to learn from other regions and have continued to dominate their own home region. In the HGC Copa America 2017 Closing Season finals, RED Canids fell to 6Sense in a very close series. They were able to climb out of the Lower Bracket and then faced 6Sense once more in the Grand Finals and took the series 3-1. Coming to Blizzcon 2017 for RED Canids means another opportunity to show their improvements and earn Latin America some attention. Team Dignitas and RED Canids have only played against each other one time this year, where Team Dignitas took the win 2-0.

The first seed in North America, Roll20 esports, is a team that has disrupted the top standings in NA. With an 11-3 win-loss score, Roll20 represent the domination of a new breed of NA teams. With creative drafts and skilled players that have been in the Heroes of the Storm scene for a long time, the team has found its stride. A decent showing at the Mid-Season Brawl gave them some excellent experience to bring back home and help them achieve some 3-0’s against some of NA’s best teams like Gale Force, Tempo Storm, and Team Freedom. The last time Team Dignitas and Roll20 previously faced each other was the first Western Clash of the year. Team Dignitas took both series, winning one 3-0 and another closer series 2-1. Roll20 will be one of the more difficult teams for Team Dignitas in this Group Stage.

Tempest is the third seed from Korea. They qualified for BlizzCon through the playoffs, beating out Mighty in an epic 5 game series. Like all Korean teams, Tempest has an air of mystery and confidence surrounding them. Throughout this year, we learned that the Korean teams can fall, as Team Dignitas proved by beating both MVP Black and L5 at the Mid-Season Brawl in Jonkoping, Sweden. Tempest was not at the Mid-Season Brawl, so Team Dignitas have not faced them this year, but Tempest will still be the most difficult team of Group C for Team Dignitas.

The team feels very confident that their training at the bootcamp in Korea will have prepared them for the Korean meta. Team Dignitas aims to come out of Group C as the #1 seed, and Korea won’t be able to hold them back this year.

Quote from Thomas "MeneCailleux.

Once Team Dignitas make it out of the Group Stage, it will be all or nothing for the finals at BlizzCon on November 3rd and 4th. Many of the other regions feel as though Europe is the strongest going into BlizzCon, and even the Korean teams are feeling that EU is very close to them in terms of skill and meta. But performing on stage in front of an enormous crowd has enough sway to topple some of the best teams and push other teams to their extremes.

Team Dignitas is a team that performs at their best when they are playing in front of a large, cheering crowd. This momentum is important and the team feeds off of the energy of the crowd. If you are at BlizzCon, be sure to have your signs ready with #DIGWIN and cheer loud and proud for our boys, Team Dignitas! If you’re watching from home, don’t forget to cheer in the HGC Twitch chat using bits and then spam your Team Dignitas Twitch emotes to show your dedication!

Team Dignitas Plays:

Group Stage - Saturday, October 28th @ 12:30 pm PDT / 9:30pm CEST

BlizzCon Finals - November 3rd and 4th

You can catch all of the BlizzCon HGC action on the official BlizzHeroes Twitch Channel:

And be sure to follow Team Dignitas on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with us while we’re at BlizzCon!

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