How To: Get Team Dignitas In-Game HGC Items



Wed 9th Aug 2017 - 10:00am

On August 1st, a partnership between Blizzard Entertainment and Twitch went live. A cheering program, where fans can purchase a Twitch currency called Bits, and then use them to cheer for their favourite HGC teams in the BlizzHeroes Twitch Channel to earn rewards. Want to cheer for your boys in Team Dignitas and get some cool in-game swag? In this article, we will cover how to cheer, how much it will cost, and what you will earn from cheering for Team Dignitas!

The first thing to do is to make sure your Blizzard account is connected to your Twitch account. You can do that through your Twitch settings here and be sure to choose the correct region! This will make sure any items you earned through cheering will show up in-game when they become claimable.

So, how to cheer? You will need to purchase the Twitch currency known as Bits. If you go to the BlizzHeroes twitch page (, you can see at the bottom of the chat window a little Heroes of the Storm Logo. Click that and it will bring up a menu where you can choose what team you would like to cheer for and options for purchasing Bits at varying amounts. Once you have Bits, the total will show up in that window and you can begin cheering! The minimum allowed cheer is 100 Bits.

To cheer for Team Dignitas, click on their icon in the cheer menu. There are various amounts already displayed as options for Cheering. Typing DIG100 and sending it will cause you to donate 100 bits to Team Dignitas! You can Cheer any amount you want over 100 Bits, but it must be in the BlizzHeroes Twitch! Purchasing 1500 Bits costs $25.00 USD and first-time Bit buyers who purchase 1500 will also receive a bonus of 500 Bits. 

Now, what do you get for cheering for Team Dignitas? Well, there are both in-game rewards and Twitch based rewards. The breakdown for all the Team Dignitas specific items is as follows: Cheering 1500 Bits will award you all of the available Team Dignitas swag, both inside and outside of the game. If you Cheer 100 Bits, you get the in-game team portrait. If you Cheer 250 bits, you get the Tier 1 Team Dignitas Twitch emote and the in-game Team Dignitas Portrait. Any Bits that are cheered towards a team are accumulative. There is a total of 6 items to claim: 3 tiers of Twitch emote, and 3 in game items.

The in-game loot is absolutely stunning. It’s a perfect way to show off your Team Dignitas pride. This includes a Team Dignitas Portrait for 100 bits, a Team Dignitas Spray for 500 bits, and 1000 bits gets you a Team Dignitas Banner. Remember, when cheering Bits for a team, the Bits are accumulative! Cheering 1500 Bits is an easy way to ensure you get all the Team Dignitas swag available. All the in-game items will be available around mid- to end of August.

One of the coolest parts of the HGC Cheer system is that half of your bit cheered (worth 1 cent) is given directly to the team! You are actively supporting your favourite team, as well as supporting HGC as a whole.

Not only does Cheering Bits for a specific team get you cool team rewards, there is also a Personal Progression bar of rewards (such as sprays, loot chests, and banners) and a Global Progression that has the potential to unlock 3 tiers of an in-game mount. You can look at your various signs of progress on the HGC Cheer page on Twitch. On this page, there is also an updated tally of the Top 8 cheered for teams. Team Dignitas has been at the top since launch, clutching 1st place for quite a while until recently Fnatic bumped them to 2nd place. Part of every Bit you Cheer goes towards Team Dignitas and helps the team out so much! What better way to show your support and be part of the Team Dignitas fan squad than showing off your in-game rewards and spamming your Twitch emotes in every channel. Let’s try to get Team Dignitas back to the top of the ranks with all our love and support! #DIGWIN

Cheer for Team Dignitas on this page