Team Dignitas’ HGC Preview: Week 7



Thu 20th Apr 2017 - 4:52pm

Week 6 for Team Dignitas was amazing, as the team won both of their series and offered fans a lot of exhilirating, and at times nerve-racking, games. Each win was very important to the standings in this split, and the team is getting closer and closer to the top spot.

The first series against Playing Ducks was a very good showing for Team Dignitas, as they won 3-0. They were able to outdraft Playing Ducks, especially on Braxis Holdout, where Team Dignitas drafted double global heroes to keep constant pressure on the battleground.

The second series of the weekend was against Team Expert, and it was very intense from both teams. It was a very close series that had some long games and the series itself even went all the way to Game 5. It seemed as if drafting styles between the two teams swapped, as Team Expert drafted more standard than they are usually known for, and Team Dignitas prioritized different heroes than what see normally see from them. Lucio, Sylvanas, and Zul’jin saw a high priority in the drafts from Team Dignitas, but they did not always work out in their favour, as Team Expert were quite strong with their Greymane in many of their drafts and utilizing his damage potential. Thankfully the last game on Infernal Shrines, Team Dignitas were able to play around Team Expert’s Kerrigan and Greymane and take the series, 3-2.

This week Team Dignitas only has one bo5 series.

Team Dignitas vs. beGenius ESC - Sunday, April 23rd @ 9:00am PDT / 5:00pm CET

Team Dignitas will face the 8th place team, beGenius, this Sunday. Last time these two teams faced off, Team Dignitas took the series 3-0. Metas have shifted quite a lot for tanks and supports since then, and with beGenius very hungry for wins, this series could have some exciting gameplay.

The matchup for this week will focus on two important flex players: Joshua “Snitch” Bennett for Team Dignitas and Gilles “TankFtw“ Pfendler for beGenius. Greymane has always been a staple hero for Snitch, but last week we didn’t see the hero on Team Dignitas’ side once. It was drafted almost every game for Team Expert, which seemed to give Team Dignitas some trouble.

We’ll likely see some Greymane this upcoming weekend for Snitch. It's a hero Snitch is very comfortable on and is very consistent with. Snitch currently has one of the highest KDA's in EU, and making sure he can play a hero that provides excellent kill follow-up will be very important. For TankFtw, Sonya is his second most played hero in HGC thus far. With Sonya rising more in the current meta as a strong melee bruiser accompanied by either two supports or another tank, she’ll likely be a big part of their drafts. TankFTW is known mostly for his preference of melee type bruisers, so Thrall and perhaps a second off tank. 

If Team Dignitas continue with their trend from last week with high priority on Lucio, Sylvanas, and Zul’jin, we could likely see Snitch on Zul’jin once again as well. Zul'jin is a great counter for the current high health pool tanks, as well as being a huge annoyance for Anubarak picks that often see play to counter opposing mage damage. 

Whether we see more of the same from either team in draft, or more adaptation and change to the current evolving meta, the games will surely be thrilling to watch!

Come join us and cheer on the boys this Sunday on the BlizzHeroes stream!