Team Dignitas’ HGC Preview: Week 6



Fri 14th Apr 2017 - 7:43am

We are back! After a couple weeks' break following winning the first Western Clash, Team Dignitas are ready for the league to start back up again. This will be another five weeks of Heroes of the Storm games, where teams will fight for their spot at the Mid-Season Brawl that will take place in Jönköping, Sweden from June 10 to 20 as part of Dreamhack Summer. Only two teams from the EU region will be eligible to attend the Brawl. The first-place team in the standings after these five weeks will be guaranteed a spot at the event, while the other teams will have to compete in a step ladder challenge for the second spot. Every series and every game counts, and Team Dignitas will have two opportunities this week to raise their spot in the standings. Currently they are 3rd, with a record of 5-2 W-L.

Team Dignitas vs. Playing Ducks - Saturday, April 15th @ 11:30am PST / 8:30pm CET

The last time Team Dignitas faced Playing Ducks was in Week 4, where Team Dignitas won the series 3-1. Looking for a repeat performance, Team Dignitas have had a lot of time to grow by competing in the Western Clash, but this does not mean Playing Ducks also haven't had their heads down training hard. 


Christoph "Cris" Gowitzke remains one of the bigger playmakers on Playing Ducks, while Thomas "Mene" Cailleux has showcased that he too has expertise with Chromie. In the Western Clash, he had some impressive play on Chromie, which is known to be one of Cris' favourites. This series’ matchup will focus a lot on whether Mene or Cris get the mages they need to make the huge differences in their team’s compositions. Mene also has Kael’thas up his sleeve, so it’s possible we will see more of the Tyrande/Kael’thas combination from the Western Clash.

Team Dignitas vs. Team Expert - Sunday, April 16th @ 11:30am PST / 8:30pm CET

Team Dignitas and Team Expert faced off in Week 3, which also ended in a 3-1 victory for Team Dignitas. Team Expert have proven themselves to be a contender with the current Big 3 of Europe, having recently won the Kings of Nordic tournament against Fnatic, with a score of 3-1. While it wasn’t an official HGC match, it shows the improvement of Team Expert over the break.

The biggest matchup here will be between Jérôme "JayPL" Trinh and Adrian "Adrd" Wojcik. Both teams have improved their drafting, with Team Dignitas expanding their hero pool and outsmarting their opponents during the Western Clash and Team Expert demonstrating their clever and uncommon drafting style during the Kings of Nordic tournament. As always, games between these two teams will be interesting and might see some shifts from the standard European meta. This is a very important series for Team Dignitas if they want to raise their standings in the League to qualify for the Brawl and Team Expert are closing in on them with the current 4th place position. 

Tune in this Saturday and Sunday on the BlizzHeroes stream!


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