Lucky wins Hold That L #3!



Sat 29th Jun 2019 - 8:02pm

Dignitas Super Smash Bros. player Jose "Lucky" Aldama has boarded a plane to Chicago, IL, to participate in the one-day Smash tournament Hold That L #3. 160 Melee players will battle it out this Saturday. Lucky's run starts at 11:30am PT / 20:30 CEST and continues throughout the evening.

Watch his games on the streams below, and get notified when he plays by following the @DIGSmash Twitter account or by grabbing his fan role on our DIGscord.


Prize money: TBA

Players: 160

Melee Singles
- Pools: 16 groups, Double Elim., Top4 through
- Bracket: 64 players, Double Elim.


DIG Lucky - Champion!

Melee Bracket - Double Elimination
Bracket Reset: [3:2] vs Ginger
Grand Final: [1:3] vs Ginger
WB Final: [3:2] vs Ginger
WB Semi: [3:0] vs Kels
WB Quarter: [3:0] vs DannyPhantom
WB Round 2: [3:0] vs JustJoe
WB Round 1: [3:0] vs Parzival
Melee Pools A1 - Double Elimination
WB Quarter: [2:0] vs Khryke
WB Quarter: [2:0] vs Swill
WB Round 1:     BYE