HugS & Lucky @ Get On My Level 2019



Sat 18th May 2019 - 5:04am

This weekend, the Smash community is booking flights to Canada, as Get On My Level 2019 invites Melee and Ultimate players alike to Toronto. With many top players among the 1400+ attendees, this is bound to be an exciting and entertaining event. Dignitas smashers HugS and Lucky will of course be joining the fun!

Friday will see Lucky enter Melee Doubles with Westballz, followed by HugS's Ultimate Singles and Lucky's Melee Singles runs on Saturday onwards. Tune in to the streams below with competitions starting at 9am PDT / 17 CET. You can also stay up-to-date on our players' results via the @DIGSmash Twitter account and the DIGscord

Ultimate Main (Ultimate Side, Melee Main, Melee Side)

Prize money: TBA

Players: 1400+

Pools & Brackets
- Melee Singles
- Melee Doubles
- Ultimate Singles



Ultimate Singles Pool B2
WB Round 2: [0:0] vs to be decided
WB Round 1:     BYE


DIG Lucky

Melee Singles Pool A7
WB Round 2: [0:0] vs to be decided
WB Round 1:     BYE
Melee Doubles Bracket
LB Round 3: [1:3] vs S2J / Shroomed
LB Round 2: [3:0] vs Inky / Hippo
LB Round 1: [2:0] vs Free Palestine / Abdi
Melee Doubles Pool B2
WB Final: [0:2] vs Ryan Ford / Moky
WB Quarter: [2:0] vs Dayman / Andu
WB Round 1: [2:0] vs SuperGirlKels / DragonMatt