Dignitas top4 @ Smite World Championship 2018



Sat 17th Nov 2018 - 11:59am

Last year our Smite team looked great all the way up until it came to qualification for the World Championship. This year, we have taken that hurdle and qualified for the Smite World Championship for the first time ever! Not only that, our boys are looking hot and ready to contest the world champion title itself.

Smite fans around the worlds are looking towards Atlanta this weekend, and it all begins on Friday at 7am PST / 16 CET when we take on Americans Spacestation Gaming in the quarter final. Don't miss the action! Tune in to the stream below, or follow along our score updates on the @Dignitas Twitter account. Wish us luck!


Prize money: ?

Teams: 8
- North America: 4
- Europe: 4

- Single Elimination
- Best-of-5 (Quarter: Bo3)


Dignitas Smite

Playoffs - Single Elimination Date PST CET
Semi Final: [0:3] vs Splyce      
Quarter Final: [2:1] vs Spacestation