HugS 9th & Lucky 13th @ EGLX 2018 [VOD]



Sat 10th Mar 2018 - 11:00pm

Canada's largest gaming expo EGLX 2018 was upon us, and once more Super Smash Bros. Melee was a featured tournament. Team Dignitas was represented by pro players HugS and Lucky, who had flown out from California. They were joined by a plethora of world-class competitors like Hungrybox, Mew2King, Plup, and many more.

Both HugS and Lucky made it through pools by defeating well-known local players Trulliam and Moky respectively. In the bracket, Lucky was quickly knocked down into the lower bracket by Crush, while HugS first overcame Zain, before falling to Plup. In the lower bracket, both were defeated by the only remaining Canadian player in the tournament, Ryan Ford, finishing 9th (HugS) and 13th (Lucky) respectively.


Prize money: TBA

Players: 181

- 8 groups
- Double Elimination
- Best-of-3
- Top4 qualify for Bracket

- Double Elimination
- Best-of-5



Top 32 - Double Elimination
LB Round 4: [2:3] vs Ryan Ford
WB Quarters: [0:3] vs Plup
WB Round 1: [3:0] vs Zain
Pools B3 - Double Elimination
WB Semis: [2:1] vs Trulliam
WB Quarters: [2:0] vs L3W!
WB Round 2: [2:0] vs B0rtzy


DIG Lucky

Top 32 - Double Elimination
LB Round 3: [2:3] vs Ryan Ford
LB Round 2: [3:2] vs Fork
WB Round 1: [0:3] vs Crush
Pools B4 - Double Elimination
WB Semis:  [2:1] vs Moky
WB Quarters: [2:0] vs Ipac
WB Round 2: [2:0] vs Fade