DIG Smite @ SPL Fall Super Regionals



Fri 3rd Nov 2017 - 3:00am

Our European Smite team entered the Fall Split of the Smite Pro League (SPL) as reigning champions after their victorious Dreamhack Valencia performance. We finished the European online season in second place behind Obey Alliance.

This means that at Super Regionals in Atlanta we faced off against third seed Team RivaL in the Regional semi final on Thursday. A surprising 0-3 defeat has sent us into a two-day group stage with the remaining North American and European teams. After the first day, we had suffered three more defeats and lost all chances of qualifying for the Smite World Championship.


Prize money: ?

Teams: 10
- North America: 5
- Europe: 5

Regional Finals
- Single Elimination
- Top2 advance to SWC
- Best-of-5

Group Stage
- Round Robin
- Top2 advance to SWC
- Best-of-1


Team Dignitas Smite

Wildcard tournament - Round Robin
Match 5: [0:1] vs Spacestation Gaming
Match 4: [1:0] vs Noble eSports
Match 3: [0:1] vs Trifecta
Match 2: [0:1] vs Elevate
Match 1: [0:1] vs NRG Esports
Team W L
NRG Esports 5 0
Elevate 4 1
Spacestation Gaming 3 2
Trifecta 2 3
 Team Dignitas 1 4
Noble eSports 0 5
Regional Finals - Single Elimination
Semi Final: [0:3] vs Team RivaL