Team Dignitas DotA 2 Roster Changes: Bdiz retires, DeMoN joins



Sun 27th Oct 2013 - 5:07pm

Today Team Dignitas DotA 2 player Robert 'Bdiz' Tinnes has decided to retire as a professional DotA 2 player. He has another opportunity which he really wants to pursue. We want to thank Bdiz for being a part of our team and wish him the best of luck with his new opportunity.


If someone leaves, another player must join and we are glad to announce that we have already decided on Bdiz's replacement. Joining our DotA 2 squad is Jimmy 'DeMoN' Ho, who played for Evil Geniuses until September.



"We're sad to announce today that the competitive Dota lifetime for Robert "Bdiz" Tinnes is over as he will now be retiring to pursue other opportunities in his life. When you spend so much time playing the game at a high, strenuous level, it can take a toll and sometimes its inevitable that your passion wanes. I'm still thankful that Bdiz gave competitive Dota a last shot with us and Bobby will still be a great friend to all of us. He's got a great attitude and has been a very supportive team member in the last month. I wish him the best.

And with the departure of Bdiz we're excited to welcome Jimmy "Demon" Ho to the Dignitas roster. Personally, I've always been a fan of Demon; his plays, good or bad, have always been the most entertaining to watch. The question of his dedication, work ethic and commitment was obviously in the air but I had a good conversation with Jimmy before he joined and I think he's realized what it takes to turn yourself around. Having to come from the bottom teaches a lot and I think Demon's ready to learn. I'm happy to have such a prolific player on the roster and every member is going to work hard to make sure that we're all committed to this endeavor."

We are now back to a five man roster, ready to keep rocking the competitions we are playing in and of course those to come. Please give DeMoN a warm welcome!