Team Dignitas Renews DotA 2 Lineup



Sun 13th Oct 2013 - 5:42pm

After The International 3 several of our DotA 2 players made the decision to part ways with our team to try their luck elsewhere. We decided it was time to rebuild our DotA 2 squad from scratch and find a fresh set of talent to compete at the highest level for us. After several weeks of searching for the right combination of players, we are now glad to announce our renewed lineup!


Statement by Charlie 'Monolith' Yang, Team Dignitas DotA 2 Manager:

After a lot of reshuffling, trades and tryouts, we're finally happy to announce our new Dota 2 roster. We cycled through a good amount of people to find the fit that we have now and I want to thank each of them for the time that they've committed to the endeavor. We wanted a group of people that not only had the potential and skill to become a top tier team, but a group that had the right chemistry with each other.

Korok was an easy starting point for us. Incredibly skilled, aggressive and fun to be around. Now an accomplished veteran and part of the only North American team to place in the top 8 at the International, he would have been a valued addition to any team. We are incredibly grateful to Liquid for coming to the trade agreement with us and we look forward to seeing more Korok rampages in the coming season.

Every team needs a captain and the last few weeks of listening to 1437 be just that during games has really impressed me. It would have been a shame if one of the two North Americans to attend all three Internationals was not on a team for 2013-2014. His time in China has given him a perspective that's unique amongst most Western players and an incredible amount of experience to draw on. He also has a love for the game that's impressed me every since we met at that small Toronto LAN (where he did lose to me, but I won't hold that against his skill).

Unknown, but in North American circles, everyone knows Inphinity is a player that could have easily played in the professional scene. And with his scheduled freed up, we're very fortunate to have him playing in the scene for Team Dignitas. Personally, Frankie is one of my favorite players: highly skilled, flexible, easy to work with and one of the nicest people ever. He would have made a great fit anywhere, especially now that his internet is finally fixed.

With Fogged traded to EG, we needed another core player and Bleek proved to be an exceptional addition. While I loathe to add more consumers of Canadian internet to the roster, Bleek's competitive experience and continued play after his time in Absolute Legends made him a player we couldn't pass up. He fits with the aggressive style of play the rest of the team favors and doesn't shy away from playing different kinds of carries, despite how much he complains about playing ricers.

Every player plays differently in different environments and success is a factor of numerous circumstances. With Bdiz, we felt the right kind of chemistry with the rest of our core as he has been great friends with Korok and Bleek. Bdiz also has a wealth of experience playing support with veterans of the North American scene and Fogged had noted to me that Bdiz was one of the best and more ingenious warders he had played against in the scene. Easy to work with and committed to improving, I'm happy to welcome Bdiz to Team Dignitas.


Introducing the players

Steven 'Korok' Ashworth

Twitter: @dignitasKorok

Korok began playing DotA when it was still a WarCraft 3 mod. Just like Bleek, Korok also played Heroes of Newerth competitively. After a few victories, Korok quickly became one of the strongest mid players in the game. Korok has been there and done that, from competing at ESWC back in 2010 to playing at The International 2013.


Sivatheeban '1437' Sivanathapillai

Twitter: @1437x

1437 has competed with the best and defeated the best. After competing in China with for over a year, 1437 has finally returned home to play with his North American friends. 1437 competed with a few teams over the last two years, but was by far his most successful.


Francis 'Inphinity' Pravongviengkham

Twitter: @inphinity123

Inphinity has been around for quite some time and has played with some of the greatest DotA players of all time. This will not the be the first time Inphinity and Korok will be playing together. Inphinity is considered to be one of the best North American DotA players.

Scott 'Bleek' Jensen

Twitter: @dignitasBleek

Prior to playing DotA 2, Bleek was a Heroes of Newerth player. Bleek started his professional DotA 2 career back in 2012 when he was asked to join Absolute Legends.

Robert John 'Bdiz' Tinnes Jr

Twitter: @bdizdota

Bdiz was a professional HoN player before making the switch to DotA 2 during the beta. He switched from EG's HoN squad to their DotA 2 squad as a back-up player, only to join the starter lineup after TI2.