Aui_2000 released by mutual consent



Wed 18th Sep 2013 - 7:02pm

Today we announce that DOTA 2 player Aui_2000 aka Kurtis Ling has been released from our organisation. Kurtis and  Team Dignitas Ltd have agreed a mutual financial settlement in order to release Aui_200 from his existing contract with our team. We wish him well and good luck in his future professional gaming exploits.

"I entered the DotA2 scene with team potm bottom in March of 2012. We had a very good run through that summer and as a result we had a few sponsorship offers. We declined them all because we wanted to wait for a sponsor that was right for us--one that would work with us and help us succeed. Then we made contact with Team dignitas. We were all relatively new to the DotA2 scene and none of us had ever even been to a LAN. Team dignitas held our hand, invited us into their family, and helped us a grow as a team--I do not think I could have asked for a better first sponsor experience. Unfortunately the time to depart has come. I would like to thank Team dignitas for taking us in and in particular our manager dignitas.monolith and the sponsors who made it possible to attend lans and play professional. Thank you to all the fans who supported us on the dignitas dota2 team."

Kurtis Ling aka Aui_2000