Potm Bottom joins Team Dignitas



Sun 23rd Sep 2012 - 11:24am

The rise of the MOBA scene has been an exciting development for the eSports scene over the last years and while League of Legends has been a driving force in this market for a while, DotA2, developed by Valve, has already made a big impact on the landscape of competitive MOBA games despite still being in its beta stages.

Team Dignitas has never been a team to focus on one or two games but instead has strived to support the development of a variety of games and players. Today we are excited to expand our family of 60 players by five. Please welcome the North American DotA2 team formerly known as Potm Bottom! Their progress over the last few months has been astonishing and their victory at the ProDotA 2 tournament has only proven their skill and dedication.

After our Romanian DotA2 team parted ways with us four months ago, we believe to have found a group of players again that represents our values and has the drive to win needed to compete among the best in the world. Their first appearance as Team Dignitas will be at ESWC in Paris, France, where unfortunately Sneyking won't be able to attend due to age restrictions and will be replaced by Andrew John 'Solace' Fabbro.

A team interview with the Team Dignitas DotA 2 squad


Team Dignitas DotA2

Kurtis Ling

 Ioannis Loucas

JingJun Wu


 Drew Biessener

Peter Nguyen


Also joining will be Charlie 'Monolith' Yang as DotA2 team manager. In order for you to get to know them better, we will shortly publish an interview with our latest additions. Once again, welcome Potm Bottom!