Interview with dignitas Cajunb: "Without jinxing it too much, I do believe that this will be our year"



Fri 26th Dec 2014 - 7:37pm

Recent re-addition Rene 'Cajunb' Borg told us about his return to Team Dignitas and his time at Dreamhack Winter 2014 as well as a reflection on the team's performance at the tournament. 

Can you tell us the process of joining Team Dignitas again? Were you surprised to be invited back and what was your first reaction when receiving the offer?

Cajunb: No, I was not that surprised to be invited back into the team, I do not think they had that much success with Philip even though he had some great moments. We didn’t get separated because we had bad results, we got separated because we didn’t get along at that time and we also had a good run at that time, so it was really sad that we had to split up.

A very unfortunate run in DHW14'; after a solid performance in the group stage we unfortunately lost the quarter final against NaVi. Could you explain what went wrong there?

Cajunb: Often it is really hard to answer questions like that, but in this circumstance it's actually really easy. We played mirage & cobblestone which where maps we are not comfortable on and we only played cobblestone like 5-6 times, so we knew beforehand that it would be kind of random. We actually thought that they didn’t play cobblestone at all, but we were wrong.

How do you feel about your own personal performance at DHW14?

Cajunb: I feel okay about it. I know we lost because of a bad veto, not because of individual mistakes.

Do you have any ideas on how or what the team should do to get straight and win their first Major event?

Cajunb: I think that one of the things we can do to get closer to a major win is to focus a lot more on our tactics. At the moment we are way to readable and it feels like the enemy knows what we do even before we know it ourselves, which is a very bad feeling to have, so we need to improve our tactics.

Many critics say that a big issue is the fact that the team doesn't participate in smaller tournaments in which you could strengthen your play. What is your opinion on this?

Cajunb: They could be right. We have not been participating in smaller tournaments, because Fetish has studies and exams, which is an acceptable excuse. So it was not because we didn’t want to, but because we had to priorities real life and school.

During the semi-final we saw a pixel glitch being used to gain advantage by one of the teams. What is your opinion on spots like that being used at an event?

Cajunb: I would rather not express my opinion on this situation, I do though believe that the right decision was made.

What about the stunning finals? Was it a rightious victory by LDLC or did you think NiP should've snatched the victory?

Cajunb: I think that LDLC deserved to win even though NiP had the matchpoint first.

Despite the loss in the quarter-finals, did you and the team enjoy DHW14'?

Cajunb: We enjoyed it a lot, the event as a whole is just great, the admin know what they are doing and there are basically no delays. We always have a great time as a team, the social part in this team couldn’t be better and we do enjoy to spend time with each other.

What are your predictions for the upcoming year for the team?

Cajunb: Without jinxing it too much, I do believe that this will be our year; we have the right fundamentals and support that we need to reach our goals next year. We know what we have to focus on for the next year, so yes, it will be our year.

If you could change one thing about CS:GO, what would it be?

Cajunb: I don’t have anything that I REALLY want to change. If I had to choose something I would change de_train, so that it would look like the ones in 1.6 and CSS.

Any other shoutouts?

Cajunb: I would like to thank team-dignitas and all their sponsors for staying with us in good and bad times. We could not be happier.

From the crew and the fans, the best of luck to Cajunb and the rest of the team for the upcoming year! We are looking forward to seeing Team Dignitas perform at the next majors as well as other tournaments!