Interview with DignitasVIE CS:GO player, HEAP



Sun 29th Nov 2020 - 4:35pm

Ludvig "HEAP" Alonso is a new player for DignitasVIE and the one that has raised more eyebrows when he was announced. With a new challenge ahead, HEAP talked about the new team, how he got picked up, the nervousness on playing on bigger stages, and the team's first practices.

Hi HEAP! Welcome to DignitasVIE! Would you like to introduce yourself to our readers that still don’t know you?

HEAP: My name is Ludvig Alonso, played earlier with BeGrip with my brother, ALONSO, and my good friend Jayzwalkingz. We've been playing with the core for the past year and I left them because I got the chance to play with DignitasVIE.

How do you feel about getting accepted to the team?

HEAP: I was really happy! I was just really happy when I got the invite and the contract, and everything! I feel very excited to have been given the chance to play for DignitasVIE, an organization with such legends!

How is practicing going?

HEAP: It's getting better with each practice! We're developing fast, and it's being really fun!

Are there any communication issues, since you have players from two different countries?

HEAP: There was at first, but now I got used to it so it's way easier for me now to understand the Norwegian players.

f0rest told me you were picked up through a surprise tryout on FACEIT. How did that happen?

HEAP: Yeah, I was actually playing with my friends on a FACEIT stack and I got a friend request from vENdetta, Dignitas coach. I accepted him and he asked me if I wanted to play some FACEIT pugs with the Dignitas guys, and of course, I said yes! We played a few games, just played them normally like I always do and they said they wanted to try and play with me the next day, in real Practices. And yeah, we played some more days, got the offer, got the contract, and here we are!

Were you, let's say, suspicious of the invite to play FACEIT?

HEAP: I knew who vENdetta was, so I was somehow expecting them to ask me questions, but I didn't expect to be playing right away... I mean, it's not normal for a coach to add you randomly! (laughs)

He also told me that the entire team was surprised by your communication in-game. What do you think made you stand out from the other players that weren’t chosen?

HEAP: I mean, I've always been the talkative type of player, I call everything I do, I call everything I see, I call every made I have, I've always been doing that. I know people have trouble talking while they're playing because it's multitasking... it might be hard for others, for me, it's just normal!

That's awesome! Do you feel pressured to perform due to the sudden big jump you had to the international competitions?

HEAP: Yeah, I feel a lot of pressure, but it could have been worse if they expected us to be the favorites. But since people are seeing us as underdogs, it's easier... But, of course, I feel pressured to be playing here.

Ok, but is that a bad or a good thing, in your opinion?

HEAP: I mean, you should always feel a little bit of pressure, so I honestly think it's good!

What are your personal goals for this lineup?

HEAP: It would be amazing to get into a Major, of course, like everyone else. But I know it takes some time and a lot of grind!

Your international debut will be on a 1 million dollar tournament, FLASHPOINT! Are you nervous?

HEAP: I would have been more nervous if it was on LAN, but since it's online I'm a bit more relaxed. Still nervous, of course, but not the way I would have been if it was a LAN.

Would you like to leave a few words before closing this interview?

HEAP: Thank you for cheering for us and a big thank you to the organization for trusting in me!

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