Interview with DignitasVIE CS:GO Player, H4RR3



Mon 9th Nov 2020 - 7:25pm

Haris "H4RR3" Hadžić is the new DignitasVIE CS:GO player! Having joined recently together with Ludvig "HEAP" Alonso, the team started practicing with the new roster focusing on FLASHPOINT S2. We’ve reached out to the Norwegian player to know more about his feeling regarding the new opportunity and rejoining hallzerk.

Hi H4RR3! Welcome to Dignitas! How do you feel?

H4RR3: Thanks! I feel amazing, it feels really good!

You’re now playing with some of the most legendary players this game has known. How did you react when they invited you?

H4RR3: Well, I was a bit surprised, but obviously really happy and very excited! Proud as well!

You’re also playing with hallzerk again, after the stint in Nordavind in the past. Is that an advantage in your opinion, playing with a previous teammate, although in a total different environment?

H4RR3: Yeah, of course, it is! I kind of know what he's about, what his strengths are, and I for sure think it is an advantage!

How is practicing going so far with the new team?

H4RR3: It's going well, we're practicing some maps that I haven't played before, so that's nice, I like some variation and it's going great! I'm learning new stuff every day, so it's good.

You’re now a team with 3 Swedish and 2 Norwegian players. How are you working around possible communication issues?

H4RR3: To be honest, we really haven't noticed anything when it comes to communication. Swedish and Norwegian is really similar, so to me it is like playing on a Norwegian team. I haven't been confused a single time! So yeah, it's going great!

But you communicate more in Swedish or Norwegian?

H4RR3: We actually try to put in a dialect of both languages, I have a really broad accent when it comes to Norwegian, but I try to turn it a bit towards the Swedish part. There's maybe one or two odd words that they don't understand, but nothing major, CS is a language in itself.

You know the team had some problems achieving the expected results in 2020. Do you think you’ll be able to do better and take Dignitas back up there in the rankings?

H4RR3: I hope so! I think that, right now, we have a more aggressive lineup, which I think is something they needed before. Obviously, the other players are really good at doing their stuff and they've been in CS for a long time, but HEAP and I have explosiveness, good raw aim, and we really like to push a lot, so I think we'll add another dimension to the team and hopefully the other guys will take something from us as well as we will take something from them. Everyone has a lot to learn from each other.

So, you're switching the game style from passive to a more aggressive one, right?

H4RR3: We're just adding a lot more stuff, basically we can be aggressive and we can be passive. They will teach me how to play passive good CS, and we will hopefully help them run a bit more and be a bit more explosive.

You and HEAP are the new players around the block. How is the mood between you with this new opportunity?

H4RR3: I didn't know HEAP. I knew his name, knew who he was, and I've played against him on some PUGs actually. I knew he had really good aim, but like everyone else on the team, I was really surprised by his communication! He was really good, really fluent and really nice! He has definitely impressed me, he's a really good player.

A new team generally means a renewed motivation. What have you been up to in this last few weeks on CS:GO? Have you been putting in more hours than usual?

H4RR3: For sure! I'm that kind of guy. When I'm motivated, I play a lot, sometimes maybe even too much, but it's nice to find some balance... I just love playing the game, it's so much fun, so I do it all the time.

Would you like to say a few words to close the interview?

H4RR3: I hope the Dignitas fans will support us as much as they can. Obviously it's a new lineup, some changes and we need all the help from the fans to get over this hard part and hopefully we'll get good results for you, win against good teams, climb up on the rankings and put Dignitas where they belong.

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