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Thu 3rd Dec 2020 - 10:58pm

CS:GO was the undisputed king of competitive FPS for 20 years, but 2020 was the year that marked the arrival of it’s biggest competitor yet. VALORANT was released and we saw a lot of not only CS:GO players, but also gamers from other genres get on it. But being so closely related to CS:GO has created a division in the competitive FPS world. Nevertheless, both games belong in their own spots and it’s only good that there are two top games in this really competitive community.

Some players decided to play one or the other, but what about those that enjoy both and want to compete in both? Is that even possible? There’s a difference between playing and actually competing - and in fact, there are some professional teams trying that new approach, and the female CS:GO team from Dignitas is one of them.

Juliana "showliana" Maransaldi is the most recent addition to the Dignitas female squad and will be competing professionally for the first time in both titles. Having played CS since 1.6 and a lot of VALORANT since its release, the new Brazilian star definitely knows what she’s talking about.

I always say that people who come from CS:GO have an absurd advantage over players who have never played another FPS. I feel that VALORANT brought people from several games together, we see people from Overwatch, Point Blank, CS, LoL... but I feel that CS players have an advantage. A lot of people who come from other games do not have the fundamentals of 5v5, so I think they know how to play clutches better, they have a sense of space dominance, they know how to play in a team environment... I feel that, although VALORANT's skills are different than the fundamentals of CS, playing it is a big advantage.”

When asked about the similarities between the two and how advantageous coming from CS could be, showliana was quick to answer how it really is. Being so similar, not only the shooting mechanics but also the competitive game mode, it’s only natural CS players feel at home.

But, in the end, they’re still different games with different mechanics. Both have different recoil patterns, different abilities (or utility in CS), so how do you actually stay proficient in both?

Let’s start with the basics - Shooting and Deathmatch

Every competitive player knows how important is to keep its aim sharp, and Deathmatch is one of the best methods for that. Whether it is 10 minutes in the morning or 1 hour before actually playing a match, it’s always good to spend just a little bit warming up and getting a good feel for your sensitivity.

Since both games are similar but still different, you want to make them as close as possible to each other - and that’s all in your sensitivity. Make sure you get the exact same one, or at least close enough, so you don’t get “confused” every time you load one game after playing the other.

I’ve asked showliana if she recommends playing DM in both games and why:

“I think it is interesting to do both, as the recoil of the weapons is quite different. I think it depends on how used you are to the two games, I like to play DM to warm up, not to train my aim. I like to play DM before an official game - for example, if I'm going to play VALORANT, I'm going to DM in VALORANT, and the same for CS. But the important thing is to feel comfortable with the recoil of the weapons and to play what you feel it’s most difficult at the time.”

Opinions will always change from player to player, and to be honest, the one you think that's right is the one you should follow. Don’t do things the same way a professional player does it just because they’re professionals… do it in a way that’s comfortable to you, and that applies to pretty much everything game-related.

And what about keybinds?

The main difference between CS:GO and VALORANT is the utility in the first and the abilities in the second. While you can scroll on the grenades you have in CS:GO, you can’t do it in VALORANT, having dedicated keybinds from default. Of course, if you’re playing CS:GO at a semi-high level, you want to have dedicated keybinds for each grenade as well, but it’s not a given.

Having different keybinds can create some confusion on some players, being so used to one game. One advice I can give you is to use the same dedicated keybinds on both games. You can only have 4 grenades at a time in CS:GO, and you also have 4 abilities (counting Ultimate) on VALORANT, so that’s a win. Although they’re tactically different, try different setups to see what works best for you, having in mind the Agents you use the most.

“My keybinds are not the same in both games, the only one that is the same is 4 - in the CS to pull the grenades and, as I like to play Raze, her grenade on VALORANT. I use Ultimate on X, it's the default, and on CS I don't use it, I think it's one of the radio controls. Since I don't use it, it doesn't bother me.

Another VALORANT skill is on E and in CS I use it to open doors and pick up weapons, while in VALORANT I use F for that... it doesn’t bother me.”

Then you also have that group of players that are able to use different keybinds without blinking. From my experience, that happens to those players that play more games other than just competitive FPSs, since they’re used to different keybinds in every game.

Again, another topic that, in the end, is all about personal preference.

Can you take similar approaches in the rounds in both games?

In fact, you can and you should! This is exactly what makes both games so similar - you’re playing the same 5v5 scenario, where you have to plant a Bomb/Spike and defend it (or avoid it, depending on what side you’re on). 

showliana shares the same opinion when asked about this topic:

“Yes, you can take similar approaches! As I said, a lot that we have learned in CS we use in VALORANT. I played in the Beta, and it was something I always said to my friends - when it comes to clutching and mind games, the CS experience counts a lot and I even saw my CS friends playing better than the others. The CS experience is very important, especially in clutch situations.”

Knowing how to react to rotations, play a clutch situation in a way that forces your opponents to 1v1’s, that’s all experience that comes from playing this type of game, mainly CS… and may I even dare to say, CoD4 Promod, the oldie classic!

Understand what can be applied in both games, what works best in each one, and build your strategies around that!

showliana finishes with a good tip

Just before finishing the interview I’ve gone and asked showliana a more general tip on how to improve in both games, and this is what she said:

“The important thing is to study both games, to understand which are the areas that we have the most difficulties in, identify the weaknesses, whether they are aiming, game sense, teamwork... and I think what makes people evolve is really knowing what is wrong and fix that mistake so you don't repeat it. If someone wants to become professional, they have to feel as comfortable as possible during training, because that way they will also feel comfortable in official matches.”

Learn with your mistakes and play, play, and play a little bit more. That's the only way you’re going to get better - perfect comes with practice. Just take a look at showliana: she’s been playing CS for more than 10 years! Get out there and do your best!

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