Interview with DIG CS:GO Player, Friberg



Sun 19th Jul 2020 - 4:00am

Adam "friberg" Friberg sat down with us to talk about the first 6 months of the team, how he sees the progress the team's made so far, and what the next goals are for the team as they prepare to tackle the second half of the year.

Hi Friberg! Let’s look back at the team’s history since the beginning. How do you see your results so far?

Friberg: I feel like we could have achieved a lot more. I'm not happy with the results. I think that we have shown in some matches that we have what it takes to compete at the top, but we haven't been consistent at showing those results. I still have a feeling that we are onto something and we have everything it takes to get there!

Are they going according to the realistic expectations you set at the beginning?

Friberg: Personally, I think we would have come a bit further than we have, but yet again I think the whole thing with hallzerk missing out on Flashpoint set us back a lot because I felt that, before that tournament, we had some really good results. We qualified for the Minor through the open qualifiers, we also had some other good results. After Flashpoint, we kind of struggled to get back with hallzerk straight away and even though it was nice to play with him, it still felt that we missed out a lot and we had to restart once again.

Where do you think you could have made it better to achieve better results on the first semester?

Friberg: Personally, if we had hallzerk with us during Flashpoint, I think that we would have had much better results and I think that that confidence in having done better would have transitioned into making everything easier than what it was when we came back. I really think that we would be much better coming into the summer break right now.

I've actually talked with hallzerk last month and we said that he struggled a bit to get back playing with you because you changed some things during the time that you were on Flashpoint. So, do you think that team chemistry is now finally back?

Friberg: I think so! I think that we have had good practice right before the last Road to Rio RMR, but unfortunately, we had one bad game that made it that we couldn't play further in the tournament. I felt like we could have shown so much more and I'm really excited about what we can show this Autumn - we will start a bit early and trying to get into a better "match shape" by playing some more tournaments, other smaller tournaments, try to get some wins in and just get into that "match tempo", so to speak.

What about you - how do you feel about your own performances these last few months?

Friberg: I feel like I've done ok, but that I could have done a lot better for sure! I'm now transitioning back from being more of a player playing further back in the team to being entry fragger again and I think it takes some time getting used to and also with all the strategies we've put in... we need to play more and we're still a new team! A lot of people expected us to just come back as the original 4 players from NiP but we've also learned a lot of new things for the past 3 years and we need to just play more and getting everything working inside of the server.

Have you adjusted the team’s goals compared to what you had at the beginning of the year?

Friberg: I think they are still the same, I know it's going to be harder, we had some thoughts before we started playing how everything was but then we eventually decided to change it... obviously it's a setback, but yet again, my goal is to try and get higher in the rankings and also qualify and play the big tournaments!

How are you going to be preparing the next season after the break?

Friberg: We said that we want to play more matches and play to get into the "match tempo" as I mentioned earlier instead of only playing the big tournaments and practicing as much as we can. I think we learned that we also need to play more officials because it is really different playing them versus staying in practice for a couple of weeks straight. That's the biggest change we will try coming into the fall season.

Do you have any final words to close the interview?

Friberg: I want to thank all our fans and Dignitas for keeping their trust in us, it takes time to build a new team even though people don't think that we are... because we are. I really hope that we can prove to everyone that we can play a lot better going forward! 

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