Best Crosshair and Video Settings from friberg, the CS:GO Legend



Tue 21st Jul 2020 - 8:40pm

Adam "friberg" Friberg has been in the Counter-Strike scene for over ten years, and is not only a veteran, but a legend. Over those years, he surely perfected the video and crosshair settings for what feels to be the best gameplay for him. Though personalized, friberg's CS:GO settings can help you find the best option for you as well, especially for riflers like himself.

In the latest video from Dignitas' CS:GO team, friberg talks about all of his settings, also explaining why he finds those to be the best. From mouse speed, NVIDIA, to crosshair settings, he talks about it all. Check the video above all the details!

In case you are looking for a quick summary, here are friberg's settings:

Windows sensitivity: 6/11 bars, no acceleration

Nvidia settings: 

- 4x3 resolution (wide)
- 100% vibrance
- Vsync off
- Optimal energy performance

CSGO mouse settings:

- Mouse sensitivity 1.10
- Zoom sensitivity 1.00

- Classic static crosshair
- Crosshair size 2.3
- Crosshair thickness 1
- Crosshair style 4
- Crosshair gap -1

- CSGO video settings:

- Ratio 4:3
- Resolution 1280x960
- Quality settings medium
- Multicore rendering enabled
- 4x MSAA anti-aliasing
- 4x anisotropic filtering mode

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